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Method of experimental device for 45 degree combustion tester

2023-10-16 11:21

The 45-degree combustion tester is used to test the combustion performance of textiles. The stainless steel test box is equipped with a glass observation window, which automatically times the moment the sample burns and is accurate to 0.1s. The ignition time can be set freely. At present, 45-degree combustion testers are widely used in the textile and material industries and the frequency is also very high. In the long-term use process, wear and consumption are inevitable, so regular maintenance is required. Next, Standard Group will give you detailed answers.


Under the specified conditions, place the sample at an angle of 45°, ignite the sample, and the time required for the sample to burn upward with flame for a certain distance is used as a measure to evaluate the burning severity of the textile. For fabrics with raised surface, the ignition or melting of the base fabric is an additional indicator of the severity of burning, but it needs to be noted.

Equipment and Materials

1 Combustibility tester

The instrument consists of a ventilated box, which is equipped with an ignition device, a sample holder and a sample clamp, and an automatic timer.

a. The inclination of the sample holder is 45°, and its relative position to the flame front can be adjusted according to the different thicknesses of the sample.

b. Gas burner, made of No. 41/2 syringe needle.

c. The timer can automatically time and is accurate to 0.1s.

2 bristle device

For specimen preparation of raised or tufted fabrics. It consists of a suitable sliding frame on which the specimen clamp is placed and a load-bearing nylon brush mounted vertically on the specimen surface. The sliding frame is equipped with four wheels and can move along the front and rear directions of the specimen. Its moving distance slightly exceeds the exposed length of the specimen. And equipped with guide rails for sliding wheels to move.

a The brush is composed of two rows of nylon bristle tufts with a diameter of o.41mm. Each tuft has 20 bristle filaments, and there are 4 tufts every 25mm. The two rows of tufts are staggered. The hair tufts are flat and the length is 19mm.

b The brush is mounted on a frame, which exerts a downward pressure of 150g on the sample.

c constant temperature oven.

dThe inner diameter of the dryer is 250mm.

e logo thread mercerized cotton sewing thread (12tex×3).

fButane (chemically pure).

3.Operating procedures

a Take out a sample clamp with the sample installed from the dryer, place it on the sample rack in the tester, pass the marking line through the guide wire hook on the flat plate of the sample rack, and then just pass through the guide wire loop. A heavy hammer is hung on the lower mark line to tighten it.

bClose the test chamber door. Adjust the timer to zero, press the start button, the timer will start timing, and make the flame contact the surface of the sample for 1 second. When the flame burns to the marking wire hanging on the upper part of the sample, the weight falls because the wire is burned, the timer stops, and the burning time shown on the timer is accurately recorded. The time from removing the sample from the dryer to igniting the sample shall not exceed 45 s.

c During the test, attention should be paid to observing the burning condition of the sample. If combustion is incomplete, the back of the sample should be observed for signs of carbonization or melting.

4. Any instrument is inseparable from maintenance. Maintenance can not only extend the life of the instrument, but also prevent the performance of the instrument from aging rapidly and becoming inaccurate.

1. Before use, you must pay attention to whether the power supply voltage used is consistent. When in use, the ground wire of the power socket must be grounded according to regulations.

2. When using, be sure not to touch the electrical parts of the instrument with your hands to avoid electric shock.

3. Regularly clean the dust on the surface of the 45-degree combustion test instrument and inside the box.

4. Check the ammeter regularly for abnormalities.

5. Regularly check whether the fan is operating normally and whether there is any abnormal noise.

6. Regularly check whether the vents are blocked and clean the dust.

7. Regularly check whether the thermostat is accurate. If it is not accurate, please adjust the static compensation or sensor correction value of the thermostat.

8. Check the heating tube regularly for any abnormalities.

9. Regularly check whether the delayer is accurate.

10. Unplug the power cord during a power outage to prevent it from automatically starting when a call comes.

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