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Mattress EN_597-2 Flame Retardant Test Fire Test

2023-10-16 11:14

Mattress EN_597-2 Flame Retardant Test Fire Test


In people's daily life, which textiles are more likely to cause fires? According to statistics from the British Home Office, fires caused by textiles or furniture in homes have a higher mortality rate than fires caused by other causes. Among fires caused by bedding and furniture cloth, most people suffocate to death; fires caused by clothing mainly burn the skin, and the mortality rate is very low. Bedding and furniture fabrics are caught on fire mainly by lit cigarettes and matches, followed by electric blankets. Therefore, in 1983, an international committee began to study flame retardant issues including various types of decorative textiles, and our country also participated in this international activity.

EN 597-2 Furniture–Assessment of the ignitability of mattresses and upholstered bed bases–Part 2: Ignition source match flame equivalent.

EN 597-2 Furniture - Evaluation of the combustion behavior of mattresses and soft bedding Part 2 Ignition source: Match equivalent flame

EN 597-2 test range


This test method standard is intended for the evaluation of the flammability of mattresses, upholstered beds, and bed liners that are exposed to an open flame from a match equivalent flame gas flame.

Air mattresses and waterbeds are not covered by this test method.

EN 597-2 Test Principle

A complete upward facing surface of a mattress, bed or mattress pad is required to be subjected to an open flame combustion treatment by a gas flame equivalent to that of a match. All areas of varying characteristics are to be tested.

EN 597-2 test requirements

The test is conducted in a standard air flow test chamber. The test sample is placed on top of the burning steel frame and the complete mattress. The horizontal ignition source is located at the edge of the sample, the seam edge position, and the facing position.

During the open flame combustion test, the ignition source is removed after 15 seconds of ignition and combustion is not allowed after 120 seconds. The mattress is also not allowed to be charred or damaged by more than 50mm in any horizontal direction at the distance closest to the ignition point.

EN 597-2 related standards

EN 597-1 Furniture - Evaluation of the combustion behavior of mattresses and soft bedding Part 1 Ignition source: smoldering cigarettes

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