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How to judge the quality of a cardboard box compression machine?

2023-06-27 10:56

How to judge the quality of a cardboard box compression machine? What are the aspects to pay attention to when purchasing cardboard box compression equipment? How to determine the quality of the instrument? Here is a detailed explanation of the QINSUN instrument for everyone:

Generally, a third-party organization with testing capabilities is entrusted to conduct tests on the following items of the instrument using relevant specialized appraisal tools, and comprehensively evaluate whether they comply with national standards or relevant industry regulations. Below are the evaluation criteria for these equipment:

1. Accuracy testing of instruments:

Use a standard calibration device with an accuracy that is 3-5 times better than the instrument being tested to test its accuracy.

2. Are the components that affect accuracy within the allowable error range

If it exceeds, make appropriate adjustments to it.

3. Security protection:

If the measurement limit is exceeded by 2% -10%, the instrument will automatically shut down; When the moving component reaches its limit, it should also automatically stop.

4. Operational performance and control system functions:

The button operation is normal, the display is clear and eye-catching, the printing data is accurate, and the testing process is continuous and complete.

5. Appearance:

The surface painted parts are flat, smooth, and have uniform color, without spots, bubbles, or delamination; Chromium plated parts are free of * *, chrome burrs, and delamination; The color of blackened parts is uniform; There are no obvious bumps, dents, rust, burrs, etc. on the surface of other parts.

How to judge the quality of a cardboard box compression machine? Through the above judgment and analysis, we believe that everyone has a certain understanding. As a manufacturer of testing equipment, QINSUN Instrument has achieved many achievements in research and development, production supply, standard quality, and other aspects. We also want to express our special gratitude to many old customers for providing us with many suggestions during the use process, which has continuously improved and improved our products. Our company will continue to research and develop high-quality products More cost-effective testing instruments, constantly exploring and advancing, serving our customers!

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