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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Fabric Penetration Tester

2023-05-05 13:33

Fabric Penetration Tester is an instrument used to test the water permeability of fabrics. It can test the waterproofness, breathability and moisture permeability of fabrics, and is often used in quality control and R&D fields in industries such as textiles, clothing, shoe materials, and building materials.

Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid when using the Fabric Penetration Tester:

1. Failure to correctly read and abide by the instruction manual and safety operating procedures of the equipment.

fabric penetration tester.jpg

2. Improperly calibrated equipment: Before using the Fabric Penetration Tester, it is necessary to perform correct calibration and verify the data accurately displayed by the equipment.

3. Sample size and shape not considered: When operating the Fabric Penetration Tester, be sure to take into account the effect of sample size and shape.

4. Incorrect operation: When using the Fabric Penetration Tester, strictly follow the steps and procedures in the instruction manual, and follow the correct testing procedures.

5. Incorrect test temperature: Temperature is an important parameter in Fabric Penetration Tester, so it is necessary to ensure that the temperature used in the test is consistent with the temperature required by the product being tested.

6. Ignore environmental interference: During the test, it is necessary to ensure that the test environment is clean and the interference is minimal, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the test results.

7. Material damage: strictly follow the operating instructions, and install the test product and test equipment correctly to prevent product damage or deformation.

8. The test time is too short: It is necessary to consider the length of the test time during the test and verify whether the test data is accurate and stable enough, otherwise the results will produce errors.

9. Insufficient data recording and analysis: After the test is completed, the test data needs to be recorded and analyzed correctly, otherwise it will not be able to provide valuable feedback for subsequent production.

10. Time staggering: Some tests require specific operation times and completion times that need to be performed taking into account the standard test times and when the tests are completed.

In conclusion, Fabric Penetration Tester errors can be avoided by carefully reading the operating instructions, performing correct operations and following correct testing procedures.

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