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How to Choose the Right Air Permeability Tester?

2023-05-05 13:26

For industries and fields that require air permeability testing, it is important to purchase a suitable testing instrument. In this article, we will introduce the knowledge of choosing Air Permeability Tester from the aspects of test method, sample characteristics, instrument performance, etc.

I. Test methods

Different test methods are suitable for different nature of samples. How to choose the appropriate test method depends on the understanding of the characteristics of the sample itself.


1. Cup method air permeability tester is suitable for testing the air permeability of cellulose, phenolic resin, paint and other small size inorganic and organic materials.

2. Throttle method air permeability tester is suitable for air permeability testing of porous materials such as paper, fabric fiber, etc.

3. Austenitic permeability tester is suitable for the permeability test of various lumpy and powder ceramics, acid clay and metal powder, etc.

4. Standard air permeability tester is applicable to most of the materials such as ceramic materials, carpets, paper, etc.

II. sample characteristics

The air permeability tester should be selected according to the characteristics of the sample to be tested, and the appropriate testing instrument should be chosen. The following are the influence of sample characteristics on the selection of testing instruments:

1. the thickness of the sample: when the sample is very thick, should be selected to use a larger flow of air permeability tester to produce more accurate test results.

2. the porosity of the sample: the porosity of the sample determines whether the gas to be measured can pass through the pores. Should choose the appropriate sample porosity test instrument.

3. the shape of the sample: different shapes of samples, suitable for different types of testing instruments. For example, spherical samples are suitable for austenitic permeability tester, while plate samples are suitable for throttling method permeability tester.

air permeability testers.jpg

4. the friction coefficient of the sample: such as knitted clothes, etc., due to the fine friction resistance of the sample surface, a high-precision test instrument should be selected.

III. the performance of the instrument

In addition to the sample characteristics, the performance of the test instrument itself should be considered. The following points are the performance factors that need to be paid attention to when choosing a suitable air permeability tester:

1. measurement range: the measurement range of the instrument should be selected according to their own needs, so as to test to all the required range of results.

2. Measurement method: It is important to choose the right test method, and attention should also be paid to the measurement method of the test instrument itself. Different test methods may correspond to different test results.

3. Accuracy and resolution: Accuracy and resolution are important indicators of the quality of the instrument, and you should choose a test instrument with high accuracy and accurate resolution.

4. Price of air permeability tester: Usually, the price of the instrument is reasonable relative to the specifications and quality, and you should choose a test instrument with reliable quality within your budget.

In short, choosing the right Air Permeability Tester requires consideration of a variety of factors, including sample characteristics, test methods and instrument performance. You need to make a choice according to your own needs and actual situation.

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