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A Comprehensive Guide to Using a Fabric Penetration Tester

2023-05-05 13:22

With the development of the textile industry, the quality requirements are becoming higher and higher, one of which is the testing of water resistance. The fabric penetration tester has become one of the most important tools for testing water resistance. This article will introduce you how to properly use fabric penetration tester for testing.

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I. the basic structure of the instrument

fabric penetration tester mainly includes the needle, test fixture, sample drill, pressure gauge, display and other parts. Among them, the needle and test fixture are the core components responsible for applying pressure to the sample, the sample drill is used to extract the sample, and the manometer is the tool to measure the applied pressure.

II. Steps of use

1. Sample preparation

Drill out the sample to be tested to the specified size and make sure its surface is clean and dry, free of dirt or grease. If the sample is large, it should be cut into small pieces of the specified size.

2. Mounting the test fixture

Attach the test fixture to the fabric penetration tester and place the sample between the test fixtures. Note that the surface of the test fixture should be cleaned before placing the sample so as not to affect the test results.

3. Apply pressure

Apply the specified amount of pressure through the pressure gauge in the fabric penetration tester and record the value. Note that the time of applying pressure should be based on the test standard.

4. Record the results

Record the results of the fabric penetration tester output according to the test standard. If the test standard does not require it, it should usually record how long it took for the sample to start penetrating after the pressure was applied, as well as the parameters such as penetration time and applied pressure value.

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III. Precautions for use

1. the quality and size of the sample should be in accordance with the regulations, otherwise the test results will be affected.

2. The test fixture and needle surface should be kept clean to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

3. the test should be performed in strict accordance with the test standard to ensure the comparability of the test results.

4. In the process of storage and use, attention should be paid to the care and maintenance of the fabric penetration tester to ensure its long-term stable operation.

This article is a comprehensive guide to the use of fabric penetration tester, including the basic structure of the instrument, the use of steps and precautions for use. We hope to provide reference for companies engaged in waterproof performance testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

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