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Classification and comparison of technical parameters of textile fiber microtome

2023-03-10 13:01

Textile fiber microtome is used to cut fibre material into thin slices or combinations of thin slices, according to different cutting principles and technical parameters, Textile fiber microtome can be divided into the following types: 

1. Rotary slicer: using rotating blades and rotating clamps to cut the fibre material into thin slices, mainly suitable for cutting thin materials with flat surface requirements.

2. Sliding slicer: the sliding blade and sliding jig are used to cut the fibre material into thin slices, suitable for cutting thicker or irregularly shaped materials.

fiber microtome.jpg

3. Vibratory slicer: the use of vibratory blades and vibratory jigs to cut fibrous materials into thin slices, suitable for cutting brittle or fragile materials.

4. Laser slicer: The laser beam is used to cut the fibre material, which allows high precision and high speed cutting, and is suitable for cutting various shapes of material.

The main technical parameters of the textile fiber microtome include cutting thickness, cutting speed, cutting accuracy, working area, etc. The different types of textile fiber microtome differ in terms of technical parameters and the choice is based on the actual requirements. At the same time, the durability, reliability and ease of maintenance of the textile fiber microtome must also be taken into account.

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