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The ultimate guide to round track pilling testers

2023-03-10 12:00

The Round Track Pilling Tester is an instrument used to assess the production of ball pile in textiles and is widely used in the textile materials industry. The following is a description of the instrument.

Principle of action: The circular track pilling tester simulates the ball lint produced by long-term low-level friction through the action of friction. It can determine the time and degree of high level ball lint and low level ball lint production in fabrics to assess the resistance of fabrics to ball lint.

Range of application: The tester can be used on a wide range of fabrics made from different materials such as wool, cotton, silk and woollen fabrics to assess the ball lint generation performance of these fabrics and their reliability in long-term use.

Round Track Pilling Tester

Test accuracy: The round track pilling tester provides high accuracy and repeatability of test results and conforms to national standards.

Usage scenarios: The tester is widely used in the textile industry for quality control, R&D design and production cost reduction to ensure that fabrics have excellent product characteristics.

Easy to operate: The circular track pilling tester is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to learn to use. The short test cycle time makes it possible to obtain quick test results for the production of ball pile in fabrics.

By using the circular track pilling tester, manufacturers can assess the quality and quality of their fabrics and ensure the level of pilling and surface characteristics of their fabrics, guaranteeing reliability and comfort in long-term use.

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