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How to make UV aging test chamber performance more stable?

2023-03-09 14:33

In order to make the performance of the UV aging test chamber more stable, several actions can be taken.

1. Carry out regular equipment maintenance and servicing, such as cleaning the glass door, replacing UV lamps and fans, etc., to keep the equipment in good working condition.

2. Pay attention to the operating environment of the equipment, keep the temperature as stable as possible and exclude factors that may affect the stability of the test chamber.

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

3. Control the amount of UV radiation to avoid excessive irradiation leading to heating, you can properly adjust the number and power of UV lamps, as well as adjust the layout of the samples in the test chamber to achieve uniform irradiation.

4. Insist on periodic inspection and replacement of the samples in the chamber to avoid the impact on the environment if the samples are damaged and lost.

5. Install constant temperature and humidity equipment in the chamber to control the temperature and humidity change points for the difference in sensibility between accelerated and natural ageing.

6. Use instruments that are easy to operate and maintain, while training and training qualified operators to ensure the normal and solid operation of the instrument.

Comprehensive the above 6 points, you can ensure that the UV aging test chamber performance is more stable to ensure the accuracy and validity of test data. Of course, choose a reliable UV aging test chamber manufacturer is also very necessary.

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