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Characteristic Analysis of Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester

2023-02-23 15:16

Mask synthetic blood penetration tester measures the resistance of medical protective masks to synthetic blood penetration under different test pressures. The mask testing equipment can also be used to determine the blood penetration resistance of other coating materials.


Section 5.5 of GB 19083, Section 5.5 of YY/T 0691, and YY 0469

ISO 22609, BS EN 14683

American Standard F2100, American Standard F1862

Synthetic blood penetration tester

Instrument characteristics

1. The convex sample fixture can simulate the actual use state of the mask, leave the test target area without damaging the sample, and distribute synthetic blood in the target area of the sample.

2. The special constant pressure spray device can spray a certain amount of synthetic blood within a controlled time.

3. QINSUN medical mask synthetic blood penetration tester can completely simulate the average blood pressure of the human body at 10.6kPa, 16kPa and 21.3kPa for testing.

4. Synthetic blood penetration resistance tester equipped with a target plate, which can block the high-pressure edge part of the sprayed liquid flow, and only allow the steady-state flow part to be sprayed onto the sample, which increases the accuracy of the liquid velocity sprayed to the sample and repeatability.

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