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What are the main uses of the Martindale abrasion testing machine?

2023-02-20 15:39

Some of the clothes we wear, after cleaning a few times, will appear pilling, the phenomenon of consumption, especially in winter wear sheep titanium clothing, pilling situation is very serious. The reason for the pilling is that the fibres, after friction, are separated from the original part of the fabric's strand yarn, and many of them are exposed separately, holding a ball. Aotens Instruments reminds that a Martindale abrasion tester can be used to test the abrasion resistance of the textile.

Martindale Abrasion And Pilling Tester

What are the main uses of the Martindale abrasion testing machine, the equipment is suitable for footwear, leather, textile toys, fabrics and other materials such as abrasion resistance test, as well as pilling and pilling degree test. The Martindale Abrasion Resistance Tester, is a common instrument used by testing institutes, certification centres, quality control departments and laboratories to test the abrasion resistance of materials. After a specimen has been tested by the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Tester, its abrasion resistance is judged by measuring the degree of wear, loss of mass and assessing changes in appearance.

What are the main uses of the Martindale abrasion tester? The round specimen is rubbed against the same material fabric under a defined pressure and in accordance with a set trajectory, reaching a defined number of revolutions to observe the pilling level of the specimen. The circular fabric is fixed to the abrasive table and rubbed against a rubbing head with a standard rubbing cloth fixed to it. After a certain number of rubbing cycles, the specimen will change, including pilling, and there will be a reduction in quality.

What are the main uses of the Martindale abrasion testing machine, the equipment also has a test method, is to let the round fabric specimen under - a certain pressure, and the standard abrasion resistant material in accordance with the prescribed movement track, rubbing against each other until the specimen breaks, record the number of friction leading to the breakage of the specimen, and thus determine the abrasion resistance of the fabric. The teamdale abrasion testing machine, can also be used to do the pilling and pilling test, using the naked eye to observe the pilling and pilling of the fabric.

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