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What is an abrasion resistance tester?

2023-02-20 15:28

The Abrasion Resistance Tester is an experimental device used to determine the abrasion resistance of materials and is commonly used to test the abrasion resistance of materials such as plastics, rubber, coatings and paper.

The principle of operation of an abrasion resistance tester is based on the principle of wear of materials. In the test, the sample to be tested is rubbed against a wear medium and the mass loss, thickness change and surface topography of the material are measured to determine the abrasion resistance of the material.

Method of operation

Prepare the sample: Cut the sample according to the test requirements and ensure that the size and shape of the sample meets the requirements.

leather rubbing fastness testing machine.jpg

Adjusting the test parameters: Set the test parameters such as load, friction count, speed, wear media etc. according to the test requirements.

Mounting the sample: Mount the sample onto the test bench and adjust the position and orientation of the sample.

Start the test: Start the test apparatus and carry out the test according to the set test parameters. During the test, the wear of the sample should be observed and the data recorded in time.

Calculate the results: After the test is complete, calculate the amount of wear and wear rate of the sample based on the test data, and analyse and compare them.

There may be differences between different types of wear testing machines and therefore the exact method of operation may vary. Before use, read the equipment manual carefully and follow the equipment requirements.

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