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The whole operation of the ozone test chamber

2023-02-14 15:54

Ozone is found in very small amounts in the atmosphere, but it is the main factor causing rubber cracking. The ozone test chamber simulates and enhances the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, studies the law of ozone action on rubber, quickly identifies and evaluates the ozone ageing resistance of rubber and the protection efficiency of anti-ozone agents, and takes a series of effective anti-ageing measures to improve the service life of rubber products. The following small side will briefly introduce the operation process of ozone ageing test chamber.

Ozone aging chamber

1. Under the condition of ensuring the equipment is fixed and reliable, turn on the main power supply and energise the equipment;

2. Fix the test piece on the fixture or place it on the turntable, press the "start" button, "turntable" and "ozone" switch;

3. Open the control panel and set the ozone concentration, test temperature and other relevant parameters according to the test requirements.

4. During the test, observe the changes of the sample in the test chamber in real time. If a series of faults occur, the operator can solve them according to his own experience. If it cannot be solved, it can be solved by the instructions for the use of the test equipment or by the manufacturer's after-sales service.

5. After the test, the total power supply should be turned off, the natural cooling, remove the sample;

6. Remove the test piece and place it in the air for a certain period of time and observe whether there are cracks on the surface of the test piece;

7. compare it with the untested sample, make a record and draw relevant conclusions by final comparison.

These are some of the operating procedures of the ozone ageing test chamber. Generally speaking, the equipment will be shipped with an instruction manual, which is more convenient to use. If the user still cannot operate it after reading it, they can ask the manufacturer.

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