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Automobile waterproof test standard

2023-02-14 16:04

The car waterproof test means that water flows into the car from the outside of the car body through the fitting gap of the car body. The vehicle manufacturer uses artificial simulated rainfall environment to realize the rain sealing performance test.

Now the international automobile industry generally adopts GB/T12480-1990 Passenger Car Rainproof Sealability Test Method, QC/T476-1999 Passenger Car Rainproof Sealability Limit Value, and the revised standard is QC/T476-2007 Passenger Car Rainproof Sealability Limits and test methods. According to the requirements of GB/T12480-1990, the rainfall intensity in the rain test room is 4~~10mm/min, the injection pressure of the nozzle is 69~147kPa; the rain time is 15min. In the actual operation process, in order to strengthen the inspection of the vehicle's rain sealing performance, the vehicle manufacturer often increases the rain intensity by increasing the density of the nozzle and increasing the spray pressure. The rainfall intensity in the rain test room will be higher than the recommended value. Several times, some manufacturers even exceed 100mm/min, and the nozzle injection pressure will reach more than 200kPa, so that the spray water is atomized and sprinkled on the vehicle body.

At different stages of vehicle production, OEMs have different test requirements for vehicles. Vehicle trial production period. At this stage, since the production process and equipment parameters of the whole vehicle are in the test period, it is necessary to pass the long-term rain test (between 4 and 8 hours) of the whole vehicle to find the parts that may leak, and then Carry out the cause analysis of water leakage and the improvement of design or process. During the mass production of the whole vehicle, the design and process defects are basically improved. Routine inspections are mainly carried out in the rain to prevent sealing defects caused by occasional non-compliance.

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