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Test method for flat tensile strength of metal zippers

2023-02-13 13:55

Test method for flat tensile strength of metal zippers

Metal zipper pull strength test method:

test instrument:

Metal zipper flat pull strength test tensile machine, test range: 2000N, test speed (300±10) mm/min, tensile machine accuracy ±5%FS, fixture specifications: width 25mm, clamping surface teeth 60 degrees, pitch 1.5mm , The tooth top width is 0.2mm, and the two meshing clamping mouths are processed into a plane 0.5mm lower than the tooth surface at a distance of 3mm from the inner tooth.

metal zipper

Test method: take a section of zipper sample with a length greater than 75mm, and clamp it on the fixture of the tensile testing machine. Until it is damaged, the value displayed at this time is the flat pull strength value.

The metal tensile test is divided into the following types, but the strength test speed and fixture of the sample clamping method will be different (flat pull strength, pull and pull slightly slippery, top stop strength, bottom stop strength, open end flat pull strength, socket Displacement strength, slider combination strength, slider resistance torsion, slider tension resistance, slider self-locking strength, single tooth displacement strength)

Note: The tensile strength requirements for sliders do not apply to non-metallic sliders.

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