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The quality of textile testing instruments identification methods

2023-02-13 13:53

For the quality identification of textile testing instruments, generally use the following apparatus for the appraisal of the instrument were tested, comprehensive assessment of its compliance with national standards or relevant provisions of the industry.

1, appearance: the surface of painted parts flat, smooth, uniform colour, no spots, bubbles, delamination; chrome-plated parts without burns, chrome thorns, delamination. Blackened parts are evenly coloured, and the surface of other parts are free from obvious knocks, dents, rust and burrs.

2, affect the accuracy of each part is within the permissible error, beyond it is appropriate adjustment to it.

textile testing equipment

3、Operating performance, the function of the control system: the key operation is normal, the display is clear and eye-catching, the printing data is accurate, and the testing process is continuous and complete.

4, safety protection: beyond the measurement of the upper limit of 2%-10%, the instrument automatically stop. When the moving parts reach the limit, it should also stop automatically.

5、Accuracy testing of the instrument: a standard calibration device with an accuracy 3-5 times better than that of the instrument being tested is used to test its accuracy.

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