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How to test the waterproof performance of materials in the rain test chamber?

2022-06-10 10:32

As a kind of environmental testing equipment, rain test chamber can test whether the waterproof performance of materials or products is good. It can be said that this kind of equipment is everywhere and applied everywhere. As small as mobile phones, lamps or other lighting devices we often use; From lighting system and signal device detection in aerospace industry. Rain proofing has been an unavoidable topic in many industries. Once many equipment are wet by rain, its service life will be greatly reduced. The equipment plays an important role in the waterproof performance test.

Rain test chamber.jpg

Due to the different test objects of the rain test chamber, there are many different sizes of equipment on the market, and appropriate equipment shall be selected under different test conditions. The equipment can manually simulate the natural environment, such as precipitation and snowfall, and can also adjust the precipitation to ensure the accuracy of the experiment and avoid unexpected errors. Splash the test object and observe the changes of the test object in the process of external packaging and good sealing. Ensure the storage of products, and reduce losses in case of interference by weather factors during transportation.

The rain test chamber can detect whether the product can maintain the original operation state, and whether the damage degree of the product can be remedied once it is affected by rain or other conditions, and take remedial measures in advance. Compared with other types of equipment, the production requirements of this equipment are not difficult, but the type of rainwater is more difficult because it simulates rainwater conditions. In addition to the heavy rain, light rain and heavy rain we usually know, we also need to pay attention to the size of raindrops and the length of rain. If we carefully divide them, there are certain requirements for the temperature of raindrops.

In a word, the test object of the rain test box is the products or materials that need to be tested for rain and water resistance. Customers can choose different types of products according to their own conditions when purchasing. If you have any knowledge, you can consult us.

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