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Masks/medical protective clothing testing instrument recommendations

2022-06-10 10:37

Medical protective clothing masks(N95) has a very good isolation effect on bacteria and viruses. Protective clothing is a very important line of defense to protect medical workers from bacterial infection. Therefore, medical protective clothing masks test equipment is particularly important.

The following are the testing equipment provided by qinsun testing instrument for the mask testing project of medical protective clothing:

1. Water penetration resistance test items

Requirements: the hydrostatic pressure of key parts of protective clothing shall not be less than 1.67kpa (17mmh2o)

Recommended equipment: hydrostatic pressure tester

2. Moisture permeability test items

Requirements: the moisture permeability of protective clothing shall not be less than 2500g/ (M2 · d).

Recommended equipment: wet precipitation tester

Wet Penetration Tester.jpg

3. Anti synthetic blood penetration test items

Requirements: not lower than level 2 requirements.

Recommended equipment: synthetic blood precipitation resistance tester

Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester.jpg

4. Test items of breaking strength and elongation at break

Requirements: the breaking strength of materials at key parts of protective clothing shall not be less than 45N, and the elongation at break shall not be less than 15%.

Recommended equipment: Protective Clothing & mask tense testing machine

5. Particle filtration efficiency test items

Requirements: the filtration efficiency of non oily particles shall be greater than or equal to 70%.

Recommended equipment: Medical particle protection tester

i (1).jpg

6. Fire retardant performance test items

Protective clothing shall not be flammable.

Recommended equipment: Masks flame retired tester

The masks testing instrument for medical protective clothing produced by qinsun is based on the testing requirements of GB 19082 technical requirements for disposable medical protective clothing. The company provides high-quality testing equipment for manufacturers of disposable protective clothing by strictly controlling the production quality of the equipment.

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