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Ozone aging test chamber user guide

2022-05-26 10:08

Although ozone is present in very small amounts in the atmosphere, it is a major factor in rubber cracking. The direct economic loss caused by ozone aging is hundreds of millions of dollars every year. In order to prevent the damage caused by ozone, people need to investigate the ozone aging resistance of products, and the ozone test chamber was created to simulate and accelerate the aging of rubber to achieve product quality identification or screening.

What is the use of an ozone test chamber?

ozone test chamber, also known as "ozone aging test chamber". ozone test chamber role: can be used for rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation sheathing and other products, under static tensile deformation, exposed to air and constant temperature test chamber containing constant ozone concentration in a closed without light, according to the predetermined time to test the specimen, from The specimens are tested for a predetermined period of time to evaluate the ozone aging resistance of rubber from the degree of cracking or other changes in performance that occur on the surface of the specimen.

Ozone aging test chamber

What is the working principle of ozone test chamber?

The ozone test chamber consists of the ozone gas generated by the silent ozone generator and a certain amount of treated air, which is mixed in the exchanger and fed into the test chamber. The ultraviolet detector will continuously detect the ozone concentration online and feed back to the ozone generator control system so that the control system can effectively control the ozone generation according to the set value, thus the test chamber maintains the set ozone concentration. Humidification system work to meet all the test conditions.

ozone test chamber

ozone test chamber to test before what should be prepared for work?

1, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the ozone test chamber installation environment, the location of the equipment should be well ventilated indoor horizontal position, and also note is not to place some flammable and explosive items around it.

2, in the ozone test chamber installation must be noted when the shell has grounding, to ensure our safety in the use of the process and the service life of the equipment itself.

3, in the shell grounding before the electricity, but also ask users to check the electrical performance of the box, and to pay attention to the equipment there is no break or leakage phenomenon, there is another point I have to say here, that is, the equipment is not explosion-proof equipment, can not be flammable and explosive substances into the dry.

4, the equipment effective working room items placed do not overcrowded, must leave space to facilitate the circulation of hot air, in order to achieve good test results.

5, should be equipped with overload fuse device in the power supply line for this box special, and also has a relatively good grounding device.

6, then is the preparation of the test piece, all the test pieces one by one after the number, and then the test piece placed on the test piece of the turntable, each other to not collide with each other as well.

7, to be all ready, that is, close the box door. Close each switch of the control system, the power plug puff plugged into the power switch to open the turntable that automatically rotates, while the control system power indicator light is on, if the temperature must be opened switch (i.e., high-temperature switch and low-temperature switch), and then adjust the automatic control system.

How to extend the service life of ozone test chamber?

In the usual application, should make the sample surface clean, try to avoid the sample surface with oil, dust, avoid, test chamber body, strict storage of flammable and explosive or spontaneous combustible items, etc.. When not doing experiments for a long time, the total power should be turned off, can extend the service life of ozone test chamber.

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