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Aging test chamber fire should be how to deal with?

2022-05-26 09:17

Winter temperature is lower, the air is dry, so the aging test chamber protection work is different from other seasons, such as fire prevention measures, although the test equipment has a self-protection device, but there will still be an emergency, if the test equipment in winter suddenly on fire how to do?

Once the aging test chamber fire, in the premise of ensuring the safety of life, staff should first cut off the power, timely use of fire extinguishers and other equipment to extinguish the fire. If the equipment is on fire due to external factors, should quickly move the equipment away from the source of the fire, and then open the experimental equipment to avoid more serious consequences of continuous high temperature in the aging test chamber; if the equipment suddenly catches fire during the work process, technicians also need to turn off the power and extinguish the fire as soon as possible. If the fire has reached an uncontrollable state, you should promptly contact the fire alarm to extinguish the fire to avoid more serious economic losses.


Wait for the aging test chamber after the fire is completed, first clean up the remaining residue after the fire equipment, contact the manufacturer after-sales personnel to check whether the equipment can continue to work, check whether the equipment components are damaged, replace damaged parts, calibrate the relevant parameters of the equipment, the relevant data on the operation of the equipment, you can communicate with the manufacturer after-sales personnel to see whether it can be restored, in fact, in order to avoid test equipment on fire and other emergencies, a better method is to strictly control all aspects of equipment operation, while avoiding disturbing factors around the equipment (flammable and explosive substances, the environment is too dry, etc.), timely investigation of the cause of the fire after the equipment is on fire, if it is an external factor, the future need to improve external conditions to avoid this situation, if it is the cause of the equipment itself, which requires careful examination of the causes and failures, and timely elimination of safety risks to avoid the next aging test equipment again the same problem.

Aging test chamber routine maintenance methods:

1, in the use of the machine as far as possible with deionized water or pure water; after the use of the machine, the water in the tank will be drained, will open the door for ventilation, and so on the internal drying before the cover. Ensure that the body does not store water dirt.

2, the ring instrument UV aging tester using the Q-LAB imported light source, the light source life of about 1200 hours, more than this time, try to replace the lamp, regardless of whether the lamp can light, so as not to irradiation intensity is not enough to cause the test effect is not accurate.

3, such as the nozzle has a blocked state, you can take down with compressed air blowing clean and then installed on.

4, try not to use your eyes for a long time to look at the light source, to prevent burns.

5、After the test is completed, do not stop immediately to take samples, and so on half an hour when the temperature in the box to room temperature state and then take samples.

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