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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Using Sand Dust Aging Test Chambers

2022-05-25 10:33

In the use of sand and dust aging test chamber, not only should pay attention to external influencing factors, but also pay attention to some influencing factors inside the equipment, these factors will directly affect the operation of the equipment and the accuracy of the results.

1, there are certain requirements for the airflow and speed of the equipment: the airflow inside the box is mainly a vertical airflow from top to bottom, in order to make the dust distribution inside the equipment more uniform, the airflow speed of the equipment must be controlled to ensure that the speed is within the specified range.

Sand Dust Aging Test Chambers.jpg

2, sand and dust aging test chamber equipment humidity requirements: the relative humidity in the box shall not exceed 25%. If not in this range, the humidity range can be adjusted by increasing the temperature.

3, there are requirements for the size, number and concentration of the test sand dust: the size and diameter of the sand dust requirements, if the sand dust is too much or size is not conducive to the development of the test. At present, talcum powder is commonly used in the fineness of the use of the following 80 ° dry 2 hours. Usually, the number of times the raw material of sand dust shall not exceed 20 times, the concentration of sand dust in the box also has requirements. The amount of sand and dust of the equipment can make the bottom of the box benchmark surface settlement is uniformly maintained within 400~800g/㎡.

4, should pay attention to the air pressure inside the specimen: there are two kinds of air pressure inside the specimen shell: the air pressure inside the specimen shell is different from the external atmospheric pressure, and the air pressure inside and outside the shell is the same. The test process should be carried out in accordance with the corresponding standards.

5, usually according to the user to test the object and test requirements to determine the severity and duration of the test requirements.

In fact, there are many details to pay attention to in the test process of the sand and dust aging test chamber. These are the points listed above, as well as more operational considerations. You can continue to pay attention to the company website. Sand and dust aging test chamber can be used to test the sealing performance of the product's shell in sand and dust storms and other weather. At present, many users buy the equipment to test locks, automotive and motorcycle parts, military supplies, power meters and other products.

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