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Standard Salt Spray Test Machine installation hot knowledge points

2022-05-20 01:07

As a large-scale high-precision environmental simulation testing instrument, the Standard Salt Spray Test Machine has many points to pay attention to during the installation process. Only in this way can the normal work and accurate testing of the instrument be guaranteed. Today, we will cover important installation knowledge of this device.

The Standard Salt Spray Test Machine should be installed in an open, flat, ventilated, clean, and no direct sunlight place. It should not be too close to other instruments and equipment to avoid mutual interference. cause an accident. The rear wall of the equipment should also be kept above 50cm, leaving space for heat dissipation, maintenance, and water addition of the equipment.

 Standard Salt Spray Test Machine.jpg

The drain and exhaust pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride, and the drain pipe should be lower than the outlet to ensure smooth drainage without backflow. The exhaust pipe should generally lead to the outdoors, and one end of the pipe connector should be higher than the outdoor end to prevent backflow from damaging the equipment, but it is better to have a fog recovery device to avoid direct discharge into the atmosphere and pollute the environment. Exhaust or drain should be connected to piping to prevent water and gas leaks.


The power supply of the Standard Salt Spray Test Machine should select the corresponding voltage according to the manufacturer's requirements, and install the leakage protection device. In the saturated barrel, sealing tank and heating tank, impurities such as pure water or distilled water must be removed to avoid long-term accumulation of impurities to block the equipment or affect the test results.


The air compressor is an important part of the Standard Salt Spray Test Machine. It is related to the normal operation of the equipment. It is necessary to carefully confirm whether it is installed correctly during installation, and to check whether it is easy to maintain and disassemble in the future. Even a small screw may affect the test, so we must not be careless when installing the Standard Salt Spray Test Machine. If necessary, you can ask the manufacturer for some details.

After reading these, do you have a deeper understanding of the Standard Salt Spray Test Machine? Customers who are interested in buying are welcome to inquire or leave a message to us for the latest quotation!

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