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Nucleic acid sampling workstation/nucleic acid detection isolation box

2022-05-19 00:59

Nucleic acid sampling workstation/nucleic acid detection isolation box is our own equipment. It is used for nucleic acid sampling and sampling of nasal swabs and throat swabs. It is pushed to a suitable location, and the sampling personnel are separated from the testing personnel. The sampling personnel conduct sampling in the sampling booth. On the one hand, unnecessary pollution is avoided, and on the other hand, it saves time and effort.

Standards compliant:

GB50591-2010 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Clean Room", GB50073-2013, DB3202/T1029-2022

Infectious Disease Portable Test Sampling Booth.jpg

work process:

1. Turn on the fan during sampling, which is the operation of the positive pressure system of the isolation chamber, and adjust the temperature in the cabin through the air conditioner thermostat;

2. The sampling personnel in the cabin conduct pharyngeal SHI sub-sampling of the inspected person through the glove operation port, and put the pharyngeal SHI sub-swab into the sampling tube after sampling;

3. The sample registration and sample organizers in the cabin will wipe the surface of the sampling tube introduced by the inspected person, paste the code, and put it into the biological sample transfer box after registration;

4. After the sample storage in the biological sample transfer box reaches a certain amount, the sample registration and sample finishing personnel in the cabin will pass it to the sample transfer personnel outside the cabin;

5. The inspected personnel deliver the equipment to the sampling personnel's sleeves according to the instructions;

6. After the sampling is over, after the personnel are withdrawn, turn on the ultraviolet light to sterilize the isolation chamber.

Sampling booth usage specification:

1. Normal inspection:

In accordance with the principles of standardization, normalization and normalization, according to the regional population density, functional orientation, etc., the combination of "fixed sampling points + convenient sampling points" will focus on various places such as residential communities, office buildings, and transportation stations, and make overall arrangements. . Reasonably plan 432 normalized nucleic acid sampling points. This layout work gives full play to the role of the party and the masses as a service position, and focuses on the characteristics of "convenience", "orderly" and "joint force" to provide nucleic acid testing convenience for the daily life of the masses and the resumption of work and production in the society.

In order to facilitate convenient and safe testing for residents, for communities with a large population, nucleic acid testing sites that only serve residents in the community have been set up to facilitate nearby testing and avoid crowds.

2. Site selection conditions:

The specific location selection is based on the reference standard of outdoor openness, strong mobile phone signal, good ventilation, and large area. It can be set up in community health service stations, school playgrounds, stadiums, building park squares, community open spaces, etc. The sampling site should be divided into waiting area, code scanning area and sampling area to effectively disperse the density of personnel to be inspected. Each sampling point has 1-2 workstations, 1-2 shifts per day, which can be increased or decreased in time according to the needs of the number of samples.

3. Safe sampling:

Unlike traditional nucleic acid sampling, medical staff can complete information registration and sampling operations without contact with residents in the kiosk. Sampling personnel use special gloves to collect samples and observe through glass. After the samples are collected, the sampling personnel put the samples directly in the sample storage area, which greatly reduces face-to-face contact and avoids infection caused by touch and breathing.

4. Safe disinfecting:

Disinfection of nucleic acid sampling booths is simple and convenient. Ultraviolet sterilization is used indoors, which can self-sterilize the sampling booth before work, and ensure sterility and hygiene. Sampling personnel do not have direct contact with outsiders in the nucleic acid sampling booth. Medical waste and garbage will be sterilized and recycled in a unified manner, which will not affect the surrounding environment. In case of nucleic acid sampling booths that are conducting sampling, citizens are advised to keep a distance of more than two meters from those queuing up for nucleic acid testing to avoid the danger caused by gatherings of people

Note: When using the instrument, try to avoid direct sunlight and avoid using it in rainy days to prevent the normal operation of the instrument from being affected.

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