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Three important factors of high and low temperature aging test chamber

2022-04-28 10:12

The high and low temperature aging test chamber tests the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance of various materials. Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials and other factories.

1. Temperature and humidity:

The temperature and humidity of the high and low temperature aging test chamber are important factors affecting the performance of the instrument, which can cause corrosion of mechanical parts, reduce the finish of the metal mirror surface, cause errors or performance degradation of the mechanical parts of the high and low temperature aging test chamber; cause high and low temperature aging The optical components of the test box, such as gratings, electrothermal incubator reflectors, focusing mirrors, etc., are rusted on the aluminum film, resulting in insufficient light energy, stray light, noise, etc., and even the instrument stops working, thus affecting the life of the high and low temperature aging test box. Maintenance should be corrected periodically.

2. Working environment:

Dust and corrosive gases in the working environment of the high and low temperature aging test chamber can also affect the flexibility of the mechanical system, reduce the reliability of various limit switches, buttons, and photoelectric couplers, and are also the cause of the corrosion of the aluminum film of the required learning components. one.

3. Dust:

After the high and low temperature aging test box is used for a certain period, a certain amount of dust will accumulate inside. The electric heating constant temperature blast drying box needs to be regularly opened by the maintenance engineer or under the guidance of the engineer. Re-tighten the radiator of the heating element, clean the sealing window of the optical box, calibrate it if necessary, clean and lubricate the mechanical part as necessary, then restore the original state, and then perform some necessary inspections, adjustments and Record.

The above are three important factors that affect the high and low temperature aging test box. Friends who have purchased high and low temperature aging test boxes, please leave us a message!

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