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The working principle and test steps of Economic Salt Spray Tester

2022-04-28 10:26

Economic Salt Spray Tester also known as Salt Spray Tester, the full name is Salt Spray Tester, is mainly used to test the corrosion resistance of samples. At present, it is widely used in aerospace industry, automotive electronics, electronic electrician, mobile phone digital, plastic products, metal materials and other industries. To test its corrosion resistance, it is also to simulate extreme conditions under natural conditions or working conditions to understand the properties of each sample. performance temperature conditions.

Now the Economic Salt Spray Tester has developed from the simple neutral salt spray test to the acetate salt spray test, copper salt accelerated acetate salt spray test and alternating salt spray test and other forms. my country has also taken the salt spray test as a national standard, and has carried out detailed stipulations.

1. The working principle of Economic Salt Spray Tester:

The working principle of the Economic Salt Spray Tester is relatively simple. It mainly compresses the corrosive solution into an air spray, sprays the sample, and wraps the spray on all sides of the sample as much as possible. This test can be performed continuously or cyclically until the corrosion of the sample occurs. , and then record the corrosion time as the corrosion resistance of the sample. The longer the time, the better the corrosion resistance of the sample.

Generally, the corrosion solution in the Economic Salt Spray Tester is mainly a 5% concentration of sodium chloride solution or 0.26 grams of copper chloride per liter added to the sodium chloride solution as a salt spray corrosion solution. In addition, Economic Salt Spray Tester can independently control the sedimentation and spraying amount of salt spray to ensure constant test temperature, convenient operation and stable test environment. Therefore, it is often used to test the corrosion resistance of daily necessities or industrial products.

The test chamber can reach any temperature point from normal temperature to 50 ℃ in the test working space, and keep it constant. In a box with a specified volume, the material or product is subjected to a salt spray corrosion test under the condition of constant temperature and relative humidity. The material used to manufacture this equipment is imported corrosion-resistant PVC plastic sheet, which does not react with salt-containing solutions or acidic salt-containing solutions, and does not affect the test results. In the design of this equipment, the internal and external pressures are balanced, and the salt mist is free to settle in the box, and can be adjusted to the range specified by the national standard.

2. Salt spray test

1. Prepare a 5% saline test solution. Take 13.3 liters of purified distilled water in a measuring cup, add 700 g of industrial salt sodium chloride (NaCl) to the purified distilled water, and stir well.

2. Add the prepared saline test solution into the potion test inlet in batches with a measuring cup, so that the saline test solution flows into the saline preheating tank.

3. Place the sample to be tested on the rack. Before the test, the surface of the test sample must be clean, free of oil stains and temporary protective layer.

4. Turn on the power switch of the salt spray testing machine, set the temperature of the test chamber to 35°C, set the temperature of the pressure barrel to 45°C, and set the test time to 12 hours. Turn on the instant spray switch and the timed spray switch. Start the spray, the salt spray test begins, 12 hours later, the salt spray

The fog tester will automatically shut down and the salt spray test is over. If the customer-supply contract has special requirements for the experimental time, it shall be implemented according to the contract.

5. After the test, gently wash off the salt deposits on the surface of the test sample with running water, then rinse in distilled water. The temperature of the washing water should not exceed 35 °C, and then recover for 2 hours under indoor atmospheric conditions. The recovered metal test samples are judged by salt spray test. Good products should have no corrosion, no blistering, no cracks, and no rust, and vice versa.

6. According to the test results, fill in the salt spray test report, make a qualified or unqualified judgment, and submit the report to the superior for review and approval. If the person in charge of IQC is not qualified, he should contact the supplier to analyze the countermeasures and confirm the improvement.

7. Every 1 month, please replace the salt water test solution, and please replace the water in the heating tank, and please clean the Economic Salt Spray Tester.

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