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3 points to say goodbye to the maintenance problems of the pencil scratch tester

2022-04-27 09:43

The Pencil Scratch Tester is used to evaluate the shearing, scratching, planing, scratching and engraving properties of materials. Applications include rigid organic materials, paint adhesives, powder coatings, anodized materials, soft metals, plastics and glass, to name a few. It can also be used to test the same materials, adhesive quality of protective coatings and the ultimate performance of similar materials. The TABER551 is simple to operate, easy to move, and can test 1/2" to 4" thick square or round materials.

The pencil scratch tester is mainly composed of a needle holder and a workbench. The needles on the needle holder are guaranteed to act on the coating film sample vertically (the sample plate is fixed on the test table on the workbench and can be moved horizontally or vertically; Lateral movement can be motorized or manual after power off, and vertical movement is manual).


After the power is turned on, the red indicator light of the power switch is on, indicating that the instrument is powered on. At this time, if the return switch is in the experimental state, the worktable moves from right to left, and the needle contacts the template during the "experimental" stroke; during the return stroke (the return switch is turned back to the "return" state), the worktable moves from left to right , the scribing needle is lifted without touching the sample plate, and the weights added on the scribing frame can be changed to measure whether the paint film can be scratched under different weights, and judged by the minimum weight required for scratching the paint film. The value of the scratch resistance of the coating film.

How to maintain the pencil scratch tester?

1. When using the instrument, try to rotate flexibly, and attention should be paid to lubrication (oil should be injected between the rotating parts and the non-rotating parts and between the relative moving parts)

2. After the instrument has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to comprehensively check the fasteners to prevent loosening;

3. When the instrument is not in use, pay attention to dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and avoid vibration and collision.

I believe that if the above 3 points are achieved, the maintenance problem of the pencil scratch tester will be solved!

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