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Xenon lamp aging test chamber operation process

2022-03-24 10:47

The Xenon lamp aging test chamber is divided into two types, namely water cooling and air cooling. The main difference between the two is that the cooling method is different, and if your product is flaky, it is recommended to use water cooling. If it is irregular, air cooling is used, but the operation steps of the two are similar. Let's take a look at it together.

There are three air-cooled lamps installed on the top of the laboratory, and only one of the water-cooled lamps is installed vertically in the middle of the studio, connected to the water source, and the water used must be distilled water (purified water/deionized water). The product test will be affected, and the waterway system will also be blocked in the long-term trial.

Xenon lamp aging test chamber

Connect the power supply, use AC380V±10%, 50±0.5Hz three-phase five-wire system voltage, turn on the leakage protection switch, the leakage protection switch is a means to protect the test box, also known as leakage protector, which is a new type of electrical safety The device can prevent single-phase electric shock accidents in the process of electricity use, electrical fire accidents caused by leakage, and electric shock accidents caused by leakage of electrical equipment and electrical lines. After inputting the test data, it can be run. The Linpin instrument adopts a touch screen instrument, the data is intuitive and the operation is simple.


1. When the Xenon lamp aging test chamber is working, please do not look directly at the xenon lamp tube, it is harmful to human eyes

2. After the test, wash the studio and dry it. If the test is not carried out within a week, it is best to drain the remaining water in the water tank.

3. The service life of the xenon lamp is 500-800h, please replace it regularly to avoid affecting the test effect

4. The lamp is fragile, please pay attention to the storage of the lamp during long-distance transportation

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