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Application of UV Accelerated Weathering Tester in Salt Spray Test

2022-03-25 11:13

The UV light curing process is characterized by high efficiency and high physical properties. This article will describe the application of UV Accelerated Weathering Tester in salt spray test.

Salt spray test is a method commonly used to test the corrosion resistance of coatings. The salt fog in the atmosphere is a dispersion system composed of suspended chloride micro-water droplets. It is formed by the seawater spray and the micro-water droplets that are scattered when the waves hit the shore and are transported by the airflow. Generally, the atmosphere in coastal or offshore areas is full of salt fog, because the chlorides in the salt fog, such as sodium chloride and magnesium chloride, have the ability to absorb moisture at very low relative humidity and chloride ions are very corrosive. . Therefore, salt spray has a strong corrosive effect on metal materials and their protective layers in coastal areas. At present, most of the salt spray test equipment is of the nozzle type, even if the air of a certain pressure passes through the nozzle in the test box, the salt water is sprayed into a mist and settled on the sample plate. When using the nozzle type salt spray test, pay attention to the following matters:

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

(1) During the test, it is necessary to check whether the nozzle is blocked frequently to ensure the normal spraying.

(2) The compressed air used must be deoiled by the air filter and heated and saturated by the air saturator.

(3) The spray pressure should be strictly controlled to fluctuate within a narrow range under the specified value, so as not to affect the reproducibility of the test.

(4) Try to carry out the same batch of samples that need to be compared with each other in the same test, and place the painted surface of the samples at an angle of 30° to the direction of salt spray settlement. After each inspection, the placement of the samples should be exchanged to eliminate equipment The error caused by the unevenness of the internal spray volume and temperature.

It is stipulated that the tested coating film samples must be tested after edge sealing to observe whether the coating film is discolored, blistered, rusted and peeled off.

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