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7 ways to judge the abnormal operation of Xenon lamp aging test chamber

2021-11-08 10:18

The Shanghai QINSUN R&D technical engineer said that the abnormal failure of the Xenon lamp aging test chamber is a problem that customers are very concerned about. For the abnormal judgment method, the following instructions are briefly described, and they hope to help every customer.

1. Percussion hand pressure method: 

The instrument is running well and sometimes badly. Most of these phenomena are caused by unstable contact or weak welding. For this, percussion and hand pressure can be used. "Knock" refers to tapping the plug-in board or component with a small eraser head or other knocks to see if it will cause an error or shutdown. What we call "hand pressing" means that when a fault occurs, after turning off the power, re-press the plug-in unit, plug and socket by hand, and then open it to try if the fault can be eliminated. If you find that the beating on the case is normal, and then the beating is not normal, first re-insert all the connectors and try again. If it fails, you have to find another way.

2. Observation method: 

use vision, smell and touch. Sometimes, the damaged components will be discolored, blistered or burnt spots will appear, the burned device will produce some special odors, the short-circuited chips will be burned, and the virtual soldering or desoldering can also be seen with the naked eye.

3. Temperature rise and fall method: 

Sometimes, the meter will work for a long time, or when the working environment temperature is high in summer, it will malfunction. Turn it off and check it is normal. After stopping for a period of time, turn it on again. It will malfunction again after a while. The reason for this phenomenon is that the performance of individual ICs or components is poor, and the high temperature characteristic parameters do not meet the index requirements. In order to find the cause of the failure, the elevated temperature method can be used. The cooling mentioned means that when a failure occurs, wipe the anhydrous alcohol with cotton fiber to the place where the failure may occur to cool it, and observe whether the failure is eliminated. Heating is to increase the ambient temperature artificially. For example, put an electric soldering iron on a suspicious part (note that the temperature must not be raised too high to damage the normal components) and try to see if the fault occurs.


4. State adjustment method: 

Under normal circumstances, before the fault is determined, do not touch the components in the circuit casually, especially the adjustment type devices, such as potentiometers. However, if the re-referencing measures are taken in advance (for example, making a position mark or measuring the voltage or resistance value before the touch), the touch is still allowed. Maybe sometimes the fault disappears after the change.

5. Isolation method: 

The fault isolation method does not require comparison of the same type of equipment or parts, and the performance is reliable. Based on the fault detection flow chart, the fault search range is gradually narrowed by sub-enclosure, combined with signal comparison, component exchange and other methods, the fault can generally be found quickly.

6. Elimination method: 

The so-called removal method is to determine the cause of the fault by pulling out some boards and devices in the plug-in board and the plug-in device. After some plug-in boards or components are pulled out, the meter returns to normal, which means that a fault has occurred.

7. Replacement method: 

Two instruments of the same model or sufficient spare parts are required. Replace the good parts with the same parts on the faulty machine to see if the fault is rectified.

Xenon lamp aging test chamber is suitable for the adaptability test of electrical, electronic and other materials in the storage, transportation and use of simulated natural environment. It is an experimental instrument for material weathering and aging test. Shanghai Qinsun Testing Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. can provide it. Customers in need are welcome to inquire.

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