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What are the different effects of the UV aging tester

2021-11-05 11:47

I do not know if you have heard of the UV aging tester, there are many people want to know what its main role is? In fact, its main role is to simulate light, and then see how the product effect. If you use the traditional test method, you need to wait for the test products placed in the outdoor for several years, in order to see whether the product can withstand the sunlight. But now with this test chamber, it only takes a few days or weeks to properly test out the destructive nature of the product, if the product is not qualified is required for improvement.

UV aging tester, can be a good test of outdoor products, and it has different uv lamp selection, different lampshades it produces different effects, and these lamps are also simulated outdoor weather, such as rainy days or more severe weather, so that a good test of the product, and he can well control the sun, and moisture caused by a weather The cycle, such as simulating the outdoor weather to see whether the product is suitable or not. Or is subject to damage in the end strong or not, so also know their own production out of the product in the end how?

Now there are a lot of solar industry, in the testing of products are using this UV aging tester, because its practicality is relatively strong, the important thing is to be able to test the performance of the product, with its existence, to many industries to create more value.

For the UV aging tester is to provide ultraviolet light to the experimental object, that is, to simulate some of nature's difficult to achieve the conditions, and through it to achieve these conditions, for the object aging treatment, so for the laboratory aging test chamber is still very large role. Then the aging test chamber will also have different effects.


UV aging tester is one of the aging test chamber, because it is more widely used efficacy is relatively more so is also a common laboratory aging test chamber, its most significant effect is to simulate the light conditions in nature, can be tested by UV light on the object. In addition to the condensation effect, the so-called condensation effect is often said to simulate the effect of rain and dew on the object aging treatment, not only these it has other effects such as the object can be temperature control, but also moderate control.


To sum up, the UV aging tester is to simulate some light, temperature, humidity and other conditions in nature to the object for aging treatment and observation, so its use is still relatively wide.

UV aging tester is suitable for non-metallic materials to resist sunlight and artificial light aging test. The source uses 8 UV fluorescent lamps with a rated power of 40W as the light source. UV fluorescent tubes, distributed on both sides of the machine, 4 on each side (there are UVA-340 and UVB-313 light sources for users to choose the configuration).

UV aging tester adopts fluorescent UV lamp as the light source to accelerate weathering test on materials by simulating UV radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to obtain the result of material weathering. It can simulate the UV, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions in natural climate, and by reproducing these conditions, merge them into a cycle and let it perform automatically to complete the cycle times.

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