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Summary of xenon lamp aging problems in Xenon lamp aging test chamber

2021-11-05 11:32

QINSUN will explain the specific reasons for the aging of the xenon lamp in the Xenon lamp aging test chamber from four aspects:

1. The choice of artificially accelerated aging light source

Laboratory light source exposure test: It can simultaneously simulate light, oxygen, heat and rainfall in the visible environment of the atmosphere in a test box. It is currently a more commonly used artificial accelerated aging test method. Among these simulation factors, light source comparison important. Experience has shown that the wavelengths that cause the destruction of polymer materials in sunlight are mainly concentrated in ultraviolet and part of visible light.

2. Selection of artificial accelerated aging test conditions

This question can actually be understood as which aging factors should be simulated. During the use of polymer materials, many factors in the climate environment may have an effect on the aging of polymer materials. If the main factors causing aging are known in advance, then the test method can be selected in a targeted manner.

3. Determination of test time:

Refer to relevant product standards and regulations

The aging test time has been stipulated in the relevant product standards. We only need to find the relevant standards and execute them according to the time specified in them. Many national standards and industry standards have stipulated this.

Calculate based on known correlation


Studies have shown that the color stability of ABS is evaluated by changes in color and yellowing index. Artificial accelerated aging has a good correlation with natural atmospheric exposure, and the acceleration rate is about 7. If you want to know the color change of a certain ABS material after one year of outdoor use, using the same test conditions, you can refer to the accelerated magnification to determine the accelerated aging time 365x24/7=1251h.

For a long time, a lot of research has been carried out on correlation problems at home and abroad, and many conversion relations have been obtained. However, due to the diversity of polymer materials, the differences in accelerated aging test equipment and methods, and the differences in time and regional climate, the conversion relationship is complicated. Therefore, when choosing the conversion relationship, we must pay attention to the specific materials, aging equipment, test conditions, performance evaluation indicators and other factors that draw the correlation.

Control the total amount of artificial accelerated aging radiation equal to the total amount of natural exposure radiation

For some products that have no corresponding standards and no reference to the relevant products, the radiation intensity of the actual use environment can be considered, and the total amount of artificial accelerated aging radiation can be controlled to be equivalent to the total amount of natural exposure radiation.

4. Selection of performance evaluation indicators

The selection of performance evaluation indicators is mainly considered from two aspects: the use of the material and the characteristics of the material itself.

Determine the evaluation index according to the use of the material. For the same material, because of its different use, the evaluation index that may be selected is also different. For example, if it is also a paint, if it is used for decoration, the change in its appearance must be considered. In GB/T 1766-1995 "Grading of Paint and Varnish Coating Aging", the rating methods for various appearance changes such as gloss, color change, chalking, and pan-golding are specified in detail.

For some functional coatings, such as anti-corrosion coatings, a certain degree of color and appearance change is acceptable. At this time, when selecting evaluation indicators, the main considerations are its crack resistance and chalking degree. The same is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), if it is used to make shoe uppers, its yellowing resistance must be considered, and if it is used for rain downpipes, the requirements for appearance changes are not high, and the physical and mechanical properties of the material change, such as pulling The change in tensile strength is the main assessment index.

The above is QINSUN answering you in detail about the aging problem of xenon lamp, if you have ideas or want to purchase Xenon lamp aging test chamber, you are welcome to consult or leave a message!

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