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xenon lamp aging test chamber of aging principle

2021-11-08 10:42

The aging principle of xenon lamp aging tester The aging principle of xenon lamp aging tester can simulate the full spectrum of sunlight, including ultraviolet, visible light and infrared.


The xenon lamp spectrum has 2 influencing factors: the filter system and the stability of the light source. The spectrum produced by a xenon lamp must be filtered to reduce unwanted spectral components. Different spectra can be obtained using different types of glass filters. The use of filters depends on the material being measured and the *end use conditions of the material. The amount of UV in the short band of the spectrum obtained after filtering by different filters varies, which will largely affect the rate and type of aging. Three types of filters are often used: daylight, window glass and UV extension filters.

In this test, a daylight filter was used, showing the spectrum produced by this filter and also showing the spectrum of the short wavelength band of UV from 295 ~ 400 nm.


Most xenon lamp testing equipment simulates the effects of humidity through water spray or humidity control systems. Water sprays are good at simulating thermal shock and mechanical erosion. The use of high purity deionized water is essential in the test system to prevent contamination of the sample by water.

Precautions for the xenon lamp aging tester:

Please bear in mind the xenon lamp aging tester precautions, can avoid the machine because of improper operation and failure, the correct maintenance method can extend the life of the machine.  

Xenon aging test chamber use precautions:  

1, in the operation, unless necessary, please do not open the door, otherwise it may lead to adverse consequences.  

2, in order to provide the machine test products and operator safety protection, please regularly check the water pressure controller and circulating water tank water level.        

3, the correct device wet ball test cloth, in order to ensure the measurement of the correct relative humidity.

4、Please read this manual in detail before operating this machine.

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