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How to eliminate the safety hazards of Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer?

2021-10-29 10:51

Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer is expensive instrument and equipment, its installation and use need to be operated in strict accordance with the instructions and specifications. What are the potential safety hazards of the Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer? How to eliminate the safety hazards of Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer? The following is explained by the QINSUN instrument engineer.

Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer has the following safety protection systems:

1. Refrigeration system: leak detection test, compressor overheating, compressor overpressure;

2. Humidification system: the heating pipe is dry, the water supply is abnormal, and the water shortage alarms;

3. Circuit system: over-temperature protection, fan motor overheating, overall equipment under-phase/reverse phase, overall equipment timing, leakage protection, overload and short-circuit protection.


2. When installing Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer, pay attention to the following points to ensure personal safety:

1. Power supply: The equipment power supply uses a three-phase five-wire system. The equipment cable is a four-core wire, three phase wires, and a neutral wire. Please pay attention to the distinction of the neutral wire. Because part of the load and control system of the equipment are single-phase, connecting the wrong neutral wire will cause the equipment to not work and damage. The grounding wire of this equipment has a grounding post to ensure that the equipment is well grounded to make the equipment safe and reliable. Incorrect connection of the neutral wire and ground wire will cause the equipment to work abnormally. The cable needs to be extended due to factors such as the user's site. Please ensure that the rated parameters of the extension cable and power supply used can meet the power requirements of the product.

2. Site: The equipment will generate a lot of heat during use. Please keep the equipment in a well-ventilated place, do not use the equipment near flammable materials or explosive environment, and do not use it in strong magnetic field and strong vibration environment.

3. During the whole process of using Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer, if it is not in an abnormal condition, it is not necessary to open the tail door of the environmental test chamber to prevent poor problems.

4. When installing the Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer, you must make sure that the equipment is properly grounded to prevent electrostatic induction.

5. Show the test product and the operator's safety maintenance, and please regularly maintain the pressure control panel and the water level line of the water storage tank of the circulation system.

6. The installation location should take into account the heat dissipation of the heat pipe of the Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer and the location that is easy to inspect and repair: for example, the installation location of the Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer must be about 65 cm away from the opposite wall or equipment, and must be installed In a site with excellent natural ventilation and no high temperature and heat source.

The QINSUN brand Xenon Test Chamber/weather ometer has quality control and safety device protection. We select good parts and undergo repeated tests. In addition to the true and reliable natural environment and climate of your test site, we also escort your safety.

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