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What is the UV accelerated aging test chamber

2021-10-28 14:51

What is the ultraviolet aging test chamber and what is its role

When it comes to the laboratory, we must first think of a variety of experimental equipment, for the laboratory together is very important. If you are familiar with the laboratory friends will know that there is a very common instrument is the UV aging test chamber, it is a kind of equipment in the aging test chamber. Is more often used in the laboratory of an instrument, for the experiment plays a very important role.


UV aging test chamber is through the simulation of nature's ultraviolet light, the material to accelerate the aging effect. Because a large part of the success of the experiment depends on the weather, so people in the laboratory when the test often because of the weather and the success rate of the test or lead to the experiment can not be carried out normally, so the aging test want to appear is really a great gospel to the laboratory.


For the UV aging test chamber, its use is very wide, because it can simulate many of nature's climate conditions such as rain, high temperature, ultraviolet, condensation, etc., these are more difficult to achieve the climate conditions, but with it can be based on their own experimental needs to the climate conditions screening.


UV accelerated aging tester is a simulation of the natural climate of ultraviolet light, rain spray, dew condensation, temperature and humidity, dark conditions of environmental testing equipment.

UV accelerated aging tester is used in: paint and coating, plastic and plastic, polymer materials, automotive industry, resin, leather, hardware, furniture, wire, textile and other industries for UV weathering artificial accelerated aging tester.

It can reproduce sunlight, rain, dew, dark matter samples for UV irradiation and dark and humid condensation cycle of 100% relative humidity.

In principle, the aging acceleration effect of UVB-313 is faster and more obvious than that of UVA-340, but in terms of the reproducibility of the corresponding weathering test, UVA-340 is better than UVB-313, which depends on the customer's forced cut and harshness of the experimental test time. It depends on the customer's test time urgency and demandingness.

For imported UV lamps with expensive materials, we provide life time reference (the lamp is a consumable product with a life time of about 1600 hours) to facilitate users to confirm the replacement time of the lamp and save the cost of use. 

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