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Air-cooled xenon lamp aging tester use precautions

2021-10-28 14:36

The air-cooled xenon lamp aging tester is a comprehensive climate test device, in addition to climate aging test, it can also test the light resistance of high-grade materials, that is, polymer materials are exposed to artificial light sources that simulate the spectrum of daylight through glass to evaluate the light resistance of materials. From light energy, temperature, which are the main climate factors to simulate and enhance the test; using xenon arc lamp that can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves that exist in different environments; air-cooled xenon lamp aging tester can provide the corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration tests for scientific research, product development and quality control, and can be used for the selection of new materials, improvement of existing materials or assessment of changes in durability after changes in material composition, etc. The test is suitable for plastics, rubber, paints, coatings, inks, paper, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, textiles, automotive parts, packaging materials, construction materials, electrical products, etc.

In the use of air-cooled xenon lamp aging tester when how to do a good job of safety protection

Air-cooled xenon lamp aging tester is a familiar experimental instrument, many industries need its help to complete the experiment. When we use, in addition to concern about how he operates, how to carry out better maintenance and how to store it in the future are more concerned, but we pay attention to the ranking should be the safety of the technical staff, today we will talk with you about how to do a good job in the use of safety protection.

Everyone in the use of air-cooled xenon aging tester, the first thing must be enough to understand it early, only to understand its structure and principles to avoid the emergence of some emergencies when using, even if the emergence of any situation can also be well faced and dealt with. Before use must check the power supply problems, to avoid power short circuit, power overload and other problems, but also to ensure effective grounding, in addition to high temperature protection and water shortage protection, etc.. And to open the protection equipment to facilitate the emergence of emergencies when you can even raise the alarm.

Air-cooled xenon lamp aging tester precautions:

1, please do not use the equipment near flammable materials or explosive environments.

2, air-cooled xenon aging tester will generate a lot of heat in the process of use, please equipment in accordance with a well-ventilated place.

3, please do not use in the strong magnetic long and strong vibration environment.

4, because the user site and other factors need to extend the cable, please ensure that the rated parameters of the extension cable and power supply used can meet the power requirements of the product. 

5, in connection with the power supply because of the xenon lamp aging test chamber power use is a three-phase five-wire system, the equipment cable for the four-core line, three phase line, a zero line. Grounding line has a grounding wire column to ensure good equipment But the equipment is safe and reliable. Zero line, ground line is wrongly connected will lead to non-normal operation of the equipment.

Air-cooled xenon aging tester is generally a relatively high security, as long as we operate normally, do not panic when you encounter problems will not appear some unnecessary trouble.

The best way to test the air-cooled xenon lamp aging tester depends on the needs of the test, and each method is very effective. The appropriate test equipment should be selected according to the product or material being tested, the final application conditions, the degradation model and the budget under consideration.

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