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Xenon lamp aging tester humidification device problems and solutions

2021-10-29 11:00

Xenon lamp aging tester is mainly for non-standard parts of the product formaldehyde detection, in general, for a variety of solenoid valve surface coating. Solenoid valve surface coating for a variety of solenoid valve surface . Car pipeline outer wall plate, traffic signal devices, etc. This non-standard shape of the product needs to use this test chamber to test.


Xenon lamp aging test chamber humidification is mainly the use of humidifiers, so in general encounter xenon lamp climate test chamber humidity is unstable, it is possible that the test chamber humidifier problems, the following is to introduce the humidifier common problems and solutions.


1. humidifier water tank is not enough.

Answer: add water. Remove the steam pipe, lift the tank and the base off, then invert the tank, open the water filling lid, and then add a certain amount of water to the tank. After the water injection is completed, you should screw the water filling cap and check the water filling cap and spring valve. (Export) whether there is a drip. According to the requirements of the pairing, the water tank is placed on the bottom cover - water tank and the bottom coincide.


2. xenon lamp climate test chamber of the vapor path is poorly connected.


Treatment: the humidifier will be placed on the ground after the right side of the artificial climate box, and then the steam pipe into the gas production tube, with a special soft plastic tube will be humidifier steam pipe and artificial climate box into the steam pipe to maintain an angle of > 3 °, do not plastic pipe sagging or fold flat, so as not to block the steam path with water.


3. There is a circuit connection problem.


Treatment: plug the electric plug into the socket on the right and back side of the humidifier for use. Humidifier power supply is controlled by the artificial climate box to ensure that to not be wet.


In addition, if there is a problem with the control system of the xenon aging test chamber, or humidification pump, then this situation needs to contact the manufacturer's technical staff to solve the problem, it is strictly prohibited to remove the test chamber for repair, so as not to cause irreversible damage to the instrument, while repairing on their own, there will be some problems in terms of peace. Therefore, to the manufacturer to report the repair is a more effective solution.

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