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Si48 UV carbon arc lamp aging tester maintenance

2021-10-20 11:59
The Si48 UV carbon-arc lamp aging tester simulates the UV radiation, rain, condensation, temperature and humidity environment of natural sunlight to accelerate the weather resistance testing of materials in order to obtain the results of material weather resistance. Users who have used UV weathering testers know that one of the main advantages of the Si48 UV carbon arc lamp aging tester is that it can simulate the damage to materials in a more realistic outdoor humid environment.
According to statistics, materials are subjected to frequent moisture effects for at least 12h per day when placed outdoors. Since most of this moisture is in the form of condensation, a special condensation principle is used in the accelerated artificial climate aging test to mimic outdoor moisture.
Si48 ultraviolet carbon arc lamp aging test chamber for non-metallic materials, organic materials (such as: coatings, paints, dyes, fabrics, printing and packaging, adhesives, auto and motorcycle industry parts, cosmetics, metals, electronics, electroplating, rubber, plastic and its products), by the changes in sunlight, humidity, temperature, condensation and other climatic conditions to test the relevant products and materials aging phenomenon degree, in a short period of time to get discoloration, fading, etc. Fading and other conditions to assess the UV weathering resistance of the product.

Si48 UV carbon arc lamp aging tester maintenance
Si48 UV carbon arc lamp aging tester adopts fluorescent UV lamp as the light source to accelerate the weathering test of materials by simulating UV radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to obtain the results of material weathering resistance. It can simulate UV, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions in natural climate by reproducing these conditions, combining them into one cycle and having it automatically perform the number of completed cycles.
In order to make the Si48 UV carbon arc lamp aging tester work better and stay in good condition for a long time, how do we best maintain the daily.
1, after the installation of equipment and adjacent walls or other equipment to retain sufficient maintenance space between.
2, the ambient temperature of the installation site must not change sharply.
3, the equipment is in non-working condition, it should be kept dry, the water will be discharged after the operation, wipe dry the studio and the box.
4, the equipment is placed in a well-ventilated place (it is recommended to install ventilation fans to maintain indoor ventilation).
5, avoid should not be installed in dusty places.
6, Prohibit chemicals from touching the equipment (away from combustibles and explosives).
7, the wastewater discharge system of the equipment must be installed in place.
8, after each test, the sample should be removed and the equipment liner cleaned.
9, after use, the plastic outer cover on. (Keep the appearance of the box neat; avoid dust intrusion into the box).

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