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ozone aging tester features

2021-10-21 11:26

What is ozone aging tester

The ozone content in the atmosphere is very little but the main factor of rubber cracking, ozone aging chamber simulates and strengthens the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, studies the law of ozone action on rubber, quickly identifies and evaluates the ozone-resistant aging performance of rubber and the method of anti-ozonant protection effectiveness, and then takes effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products.
Ozone aging test chamber is one of the ozone climate static simulation equipment, suitable for the assessment of vulcanized rubber and other products in static tensile deformation, exposed to the air environment containing a certain ozone concentration and temperature, but no direct light under the harsh conditions of the adaptability test, for a variety of scientific research institutions and factories and mines center laboratory for the reliability of the product specimen aging test chamber.
Any equipment has its own structural characteristics, some characteristics are the greatest significance of the existence of this equipment. So as a special test product aging degree of ozone aging tester, the characteristics of the main aspects of which lies?
The ozone aging tester uses a single door and ozone silicone seal to prevent ozone gas leakage, then in order to ensure that the concentration of ozone gas inside the studio is balanced anywhere, the box is set up to balance the exhaust holes to the studio gas inside the continuous discharge. In the chamber is also set up with a large observation window and can control the lighting, you can always observe the progress of the test. Then on the right side of the front is a touch screen intelligent controller, easy to use and operate. The interior of the chamber is made of stainless steel plate, and the insulation is made of high-density glass fiber wool. Can improve the service life and the accuracy of experimental data. Then the above are some of the characteristics of the ozone aging tester. And change the equipment inside the rotating sample frame is able to rotate 360 degrees.
In the face of ozone aging tester such equipment should first pay more attention to the values brought by this industry, the overall can see a different characteristic from other instruments. First of all, the experiment can be done is not the same, the equipment has three different tests can be done. They are static tensile test and dynamic pull-up test and placed directly in the box for aging test. Then different products need to test the ozone concentration is also different, the general ozone concentration test of rubber products is in 50pphm or 100pphm, and rubber products for military products and wire and cable for the ozone concentration needs are higher.
ozone aging tester features

Features of ozone aging tester

1. Automatic control and recording
Precise ozone concentration automatic controller provides users with easy human-machine operation and interface control of the ozone concentration in the realm; at the same time, combined with the recorder can be. Completely record the whole process of concentration monitoring results.
2. Ozone concentration generation
UV irradiation to generate ozone, without adding any chemicals.
3. Both dynamic and static testing functions
The environmental chamber has both static and dynamic test piece clamping device (fixture), and in the test whether it is static and dynamic testing, there is a switch button to choose whether to rotate the test piece clamping device in the environmental chamber during testing!
4. Stable control of the rate
(1) fast and stable ozone generation capacity to shorten the concentration balance of the waiting time.
(2) Adopt hot air circulation system to ensure uniform temperature in the environmental chamber.
In the moderate range of capacity can be seen in many unequal effects, choose a suitable ozone aging tester for their products is very important, if you choose a test conditions can not meet the requirements of the box, it is a waste of effort to test, and too high conditions and no such need, will only waste resources.

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