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Arc lamp explanation of UV Carbon Arc Weather Meter

2021-10-20 11:10
In a UV Carbon Arc Weather Meter, because the configuration will be different, the effects that can be achieved during the use of the entire equipment will also change accordingly. For example, an original unit needs to be replaced because the motherboard is burnt out during use. When replacing a non-original motherboard, it will also be unsatisfactory due to driving reasons during use. Need to choose between two components, so choose the most suitable one.
The ultraviolet carbon arc lamp weathering tester is a gas luminous lamp filled with xenon gas. The wavelength range of the xenon arc lamp spectrum is specified in the short-wave ultraviolet region of 250nm, which passes through the visible region to the infrared region. Different types of filters can simulate indoor and outdoor sunlight; there are two types of carbon arc lamps for UV Carbon Arc Weather Meter, one is a closed carbon arc lamp, and the other is Daylight carbon arc lamp. Both of these carbon arc lamps were used in the earliest period and have a long history.
However, the former is the first to be used for the light resistance test of textiles and the latter is used for the light resistance test of its coating; for the enclosed carbon arc lamp, the luminous body is a set of carbon rods, but the current is used to emit arc light through the carbon rods. So in general, the test results of carbon arc lamps are related to the actual weather resistance of their products, and the correlation between the two is relatively poor. However, the current old standards or specifications still use carbon arc lamp equipment.

UV Carbon Arc weather Meter display:

UV Carbon Arc weather Meter
The spectrum of the carbon arc lamp of UV Carbon Arc Weather Meter is composed of the continuous radiation of its hot carbon electrode circular trap and the characteristic spectrum of metal vapor. However, it contains strong ultraviolet radiation and produces highly toxic cyanide gas. If the environment is polluted, attention should be paid to protective measures.
In the above description, according to the lamp that needs to be designed to understand the UV Carbon Arc Weather Meter, it is necessary to understand the difference and use of the two, from the initial use to the current reform and new things that need to be understood.  Understanding of the xenon arc lamp of UV Carbon Arc Weather Meter, in the above introduction, I hope to bring you a little help.

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