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UV weatherproof test chamber fluorescent lamp test standards

2021-10-09 11:53
UV weatherproof test chamber outer packaging using cold-rolled steel plate with high-precision fiber optic metal laser cutting and CNC machine tool bending molding, and then using gas protection welding for electric welding polishing, thick steel plate surface after the overall pickling passivation anti-rust treatment, the surface of the high-temperature spray paint solution, compared with the general surface painting solution, the appearance is more unique, improve its anti-corrosion and rust characteristics, you can also choose 304 stainless steel plate.
According to the environmental conditions in nature, the UV fluorescent lamp is used as the lamp source to simulate the UV radiation source carried by the sunlight in the natural environment, together with condensation and rainwater, to accelerate the aging resistance test of raw materials and get the results of aging resistance of raw materials. It helps you to select new raw materials and improve current ones.
According to the test requirements, the following is a brief introduction to the experimental standards of the UV weathering test chamber fluorescent lamp.
1, the positioning device of the experimental specimen is mounted on the experimental wall to manage the fluorescent lamp tube. When the test piece does not cover the test piece frame, the application of blackboard to cover the test piece frame to keep the internal closure.
2, light irradiation when the experimental temperature can choose 50, 60, 70 ℃ several temperatures, but it is recommended to choose 60 ℃, cold suspicion link for 50 ℃, the temperature tolerance of 3 ℃.
3, sunlight irradiation each cold suspicion cycle time can choose 4H sunlight irradiation, 4H cold suspicion or 8H sunlight irradiation, 4H cold suspicion two kinds of circulation system.
4, after the second sunlight exposure 400 ~ 450H, each line needs to replace a fluorescent tube, not replaced by other fluorescent tubes according to the lamp cycle system and replacement method to adjust. The service life of each fluorescent tube is 1600 ~ 1800H, the life to the need to replace, otherwise it will not meet the test requirements.
5, the UV weathering test chamber fluorescent lamp for removal and replacement, due to the use of water to wipe, to avoid dust and dirt attached to the fluorescent lamp.
UV weatherproof test chamber fluorescent lamp test standards

UV aging tester lamp correct use

UV UV aging tester UV lamp correct use, can be said from the following two aspects.
UV aging tester operation and maintenance.
1. matching a reasonable reflection system: according to the user's desired UV light intensity requirements are different, the equipment manufacturers configured reflector will be different, therefore, for the light intensity indicators, in addition to regular cleaning of the lamp body, cleaning the reflector is also very necessary.
2. Regularly rotate the UV lamp: it can keep the shape of the lamp and stable output well.
Lamp by high-pressure vapor discharge produces strong long-wave violet radiation (main line of 365 nm); strong ultraviolet light can burn the eyes and skin, the use of direct light should be avoided.

Reasonable cooling of UV lamps

Usually the UV lamp to achieve output power, the temperature of its lamp surface will be as high as several hundred degrees Celsius, therefore, the design of cooling air volume must be reasonable, otherwise it will directly affect the normal output of the UV lamp. If the air volume is too large, the UV lamp may not light up or can light up but not reach the output power; if the air volume is too low, the UV lamp will not get good cooling, and the lamp body will be overheated for a long time, which may lead to the expansion of the lamp body and the blackening of the electrode, and eventually shorten its service life. Should be regularly tested whether the wind exhaust is smooth.
UV aging test chamber is recommended to be placed in a well-ventilated place (it is recommended to install ventilation fans to keep indoor ventilation); avoid should not be installed in dusty places; prohibit chemicals from contacting this equipment (away from combustible materials); the wastewater discharge system of the equipment must be installed in place; after each test, the samples should be taken out and the equipment liner cleaned; keep the appearance of the chamber neat and clean to avoid dust intrusion into the chamber.

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