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What is UV light aging test box

2021-10-08 11:49
In the background of economic globalization, China manufacturing to China creation process, the choice of manufacturing technology suitable for China has become the inevitable manufacturing industry. With the development of social needs, the manufacturing industry has higher and higher requirements for product quality, manufacturing is not only simple product processing and manufacturing, but to a more complex product design and quality assurance, so it also requires testing and testing equipment and instruments to ensure product quality, so that manufacturing enterprises have a stronger competitive edge to occupy the market and contribute to China's national economy.

UV light aging test chamber technical characteristics

1. Provide detailed real-time monitoring and curve records of irradiance, temperature, time and other important test parameters (controller with paperless recorder function), through the computer can also generate reports and curve printing.
2. Irradiation/condensation/water spray test can be carried out separately, and any combination of irradiation/condensation/water spray test can be programmed.
3. Using imported true color touch screen control system, with good stability, monitoring, operation and maintenance.
4. Provide life reference for the imported UV lamp with expensive material (the lamp is consumable, the life time is about 1600 hours), which is convenient for users to confirm the replacement time of the lamp and save the cost of use. Through irradiance measurement and control device (solar eye), irradiance can be measured and controlled, so that the irradiance is automatically stabilized on the set value and the service life of the lamp is greatly extended.
UV Lamp Aging Test Tester
5. Adopt automatic water supply and drainage design, and match with high power water of higher cost to ensure the flow rate and uniformity of water spraying.
6. Most of the main components use international, small part of the national brand, improve the safety and reliability of the product.
7. The installation and wiring of the electrical part of the equipment is carried out in accordance with international electrical standards. Perfect and professional after-sales service. Comply with the standards: GB/T14552-2008 "Chinese people's standard - mechanical industrial products with plastic, paint, rubber materials artificial climate accelerated test method" in a, fluorescent ultraviolet / condensation test method. GB/T16422.3-1997 GB/T16585-96 related analysis methods. GB/T16585-1996 "Chinese people's standard Vulcanized rubber artificial climate aging (fluorescent ultraviolet lamp) test method. GB/T16422.3-1997 "plastic laboratory light source exposure test method" and other corresponding standard provisions design and manufacturing standards. Comply with international test standards: ASTM D4329, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, and other current UV aging test standards other types of standards are not exhaustively listed, if necessary, please confirm with our technical department. Irradiation system (simulated sunlight) light source: 8 40W rated power of imported UV fluorescent lamps (Q-LAB), UVA-340 and UVB-313 light sources for users to choose the configuration, the standard is UVA-340 lamp. 
Air heater: installed in the upper air duct of the blower, used to heat the air blown out by the blower when needed.
Air distribution system: The air blown by the blower enters the test chamber through the air duct in the center of the water pan, and then is guided by the air guide to fill the entire chamber. Solar eye system: Changes in light intensity affect the rate of material aging, and differences in the spectrum may affect both the rate and type of aging. The irradiance is controlled by the solar eye system in order to obtain reproducible test results.
The solar eye system is a closed-loop control system that automatically maintains the set light intensity through a feedback loop. The controller can continuously monitor the UV light intensity and compensate for changes in light intensity due to lamp aging or any other factors by adjusting the lamp output. The reproducibility and repeatability of the SunEye irradiance control system test results are better than manual irradiance control and can effectively extend the life of the lamp. The solar eye is mounted on a viewing hole in the middle of the sample. During the UV cycle, the solar eye monitors the light intensity of a set (two) lamps and transmits the data to the controller. The controller compares the irradiance measurement with the set value, and then the controller instructs the power system to adjust the lamp output to maintain the light intensity set value.

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