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The main structure of the xenon lamp weathering test chamber

2021-10-11 11:25
How much do you know about the xenon lamp weathering tester? Come with the aging test equipment manufacturer to see the main structure of the xenon lamp weathering test chamber!
The xenon lamp climate aging test chamber has six environmental factors such as light, rain, condensation, temperature, humidity and wind, and is a more comprehensive comprehensive environmental testing equipment. The xenon lamp climate aging test chamber has six environmental factors such as light, rain, condensation, temperature, humidity and wind, and is a more comprehensive comprehensive environmental testing machine, which can combine six factors independently or organically for different types of tests. The use of xenon arc lamp can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the existence of destructive light waves in different environments, can provide the corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration test basis for scientific research, product development and quality control.
xenon lamp

A, the main structure of the xenon lamp climate aging test chamber

1, xenon lamp climate-resistant aging test chamber using CNC machine tool processing molding, beautiful and generous shape, and the use of non-reactive handle, easy to operate. Box liner using imported stainless steel (SUS304) mirror plate, box liner using A3 steel plate spraying, increasing the appearance of texture and cleanliness.
2, xenon lamp weathering test chamber equipment is mainly divided into the main part, heating, humidification, refrigeration dehumidification part, display control part, air conditioning part, safety protection measures part and other accessories part.
3, with a diameter of 50 mm test hole, for external test power or signal line use.
4, xenon lamp aging test chamber control system: temperature and humidity control instrumentation using domestic high-precision digital display microcomputer integrated controller; precision: 0.1 ℃ (display range); resolution ± 0.1 ℃; temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature measurement body, PID self-tuning regulator, can complete the temperature and humidity constant control and program control
5, control mode: thermal balance temperature and humidity regulation; temperature and humidity control using P.I.D + S.S.R system with channel coordination control; with automatic calculation function, temperature and humidity change conditions can be immediately amended, so that temperature and humidity control more stable
6, equipment operation timing controller: direct display control light / temperature time program. (Touch screen)
7、Timer: record exposure time (irradiation time or total exposure time can be visually displayed).
8, illuminated board thermometer: display the blackboard temperature.
9, xenon lamp aging test chamber door frame is equipped with silicone rubber sealing strip.
10, the front of the box is equipped with a laminated glass observation window to prevent ray damage to the eyes.
11, a layer of stainless steel sample rack.
12, the test cumulative time: the maximum 999.9 hours.
13, xenon lamp working time: can be accumulated, the maximum 999.9 hours.
14, compressor: fully enclosed compressor
15, the use of multi-wing fan strong air circulation to avoid any dead ends, can make the test area temperature distribution evenly. Wind circulation out of the wind return design, wind pressure, wind speed are in line with the test standards, and can make the door open instant temperature back to stable time fast. Heating, cooling, the system is completely independent rate, reduce testing costs, growth in life, reduce the failure rate.
16, xenon aging test chamber safety protection device L: overall equipment over temperature; overall equipment under-phase / reverse phase; overall equipment overload; refrigeration unit overpressure; overall equipment timing; other leakage, operating instructions, automatic shutdown after the failure alarm and other protection.

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