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The secret of leather fastness tester

2021-08-19 11:56
Leather fastness tester is used to test the colorfastness to the friction of leather surface. Operation method Leather rubbing color fastness tester uses a specified felt to perform a reciprocating rubbing test on one surface of the leather under specified pressure, test the specified number of times, and compare the color changes on the felt surface and the leather surface with a gray card, Determine the grade and record any visible changes or damage to the leather surface.
Leather friction color fastness tester
Leather fastness tester detection process:
1. Place the sample on the surface of the test instrument and fix it with a random fixture;
2. Use the knob or screw to adjust the pre-tension according to the percentage scale engraved on the test bench;
3. The tester is equipped with a counter, set the count, it will automatically stop the tester when it reaches the set count;
4. Insert the square felt pad (STM 421P) into the processing chuck at the end of the friction head;
5. The friction head descends to contact the sample, and then starts the tester;
6. Visually inspect the surface of the material and the friction pad, observe the degree of discoloration, and evaluate the wool-felt friction pad using the grayscale provided.
Note: During the test, due to the migration of colored substances, such as coatings, pigments, dyes or dust, and other possible color migrations on the leather surface, the felt will be subject to a certain degree of color pollution.
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