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The Essential Guide to Multi Finger Scratch Tester

2021-08-19 13:24
The Multi Finger Scratch Tester provides a way to measure the scratch resistance of single or multiple coatings under specified conditions. Such as the permeability of paint, coil paint, tin can ink, or related products through the hemispherical needle or scratch tool.
Multi Finger Scratch Tester application:
1. Scratch test
One stroke, the pressure is adjustable, the test speed can be preset, the stroke is set by the crank (other cranks are also available), the universal adapter can be installed with the customer's own tools or tools that meet the standards.
2. Cross-cut test
One stroke, the pressure is adjustable, the test speed can be preset, the stroke is set by the crank (other cranks are also available), the cross-cut spacing is manually moved by the ruler mounted on the slide plate to move the sample sideways
multi-finger scratch/mar tester
3. Abrasion resistance test
The number of reciprocating stroke cycles can be preset, and the pressure speed can be adjusted. For fixed friction media, round and square adapters are available, and almost all kinds of tests can be performed. For many individual tests, potential customers can also be satisfied according to requirements. There are manufacturers (R&D department/quality control department) and production department (incoming materials/quality control). Their products will occasionally or continuously experience friction, such as plastics (light switches, Computer monitors, furniture, car interior parts, etc.), leather (used for shoes, clothes, belts, etc.), textiles (passenger seats are used for various functional or protective fabrics or seat belts such as cars, buses, trains, airplanes, etc.) Wait).
4. Solvent resistance test and scrub resistance test
The keyword "MEK" test, namely the methyl ethyl ketone solvent test, the number of reciprocating cycles can be preset, the test pressure and speed can be adjusted, a special felt is rubbed back and forth on the test surface, the felt can be replaced, and it is immersed in a different liquid (solvent), Oil, brake fluid, synthetic sweat, detergent, etc.), which can evaluate the abrasion resistance of the measuring surface to specific liquids.
In most laboratories, these tests are performed manually, but of course, the tests are affected by specific personnel. Use to test, you can ensure that the test results are not biased, to ensure the comparability of the test results and the repeatability of the test.
Multi Finger Scratch Tester test principle:
Place the sample in the groove of the thickness control device and adjust the position of the nut. Install the sample on a rotatable circular platform and fix it with a pressure block and a nut. Install the scraping head in the corresponding groove in the middle of the weighing beam. Rotate the balance bar so that the head of the scratching head just touches the sample. Start the instrument, the disk moves, and the scratching head leaves a scratch on the surface of the sample.
4 points that need to be paid attention to during the use of the Multi Finger Scratch Tester:
1. After using the scratch tester, wipe the tester clean and put it in the portable box.
2. The instrument should be stored in a dry place.
3. Luokou spotlight cannon 2.2V; 0.2A is vulnerable part.
4. The battery in the flashlight (provided by yourself) should be removed after each use.

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