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Vertical Flammability Chamber How to clean and maintain

2021-02-20 10:56
After you buy fabric vertical burn tester, Qinsun will tell you how to debug, how to calibrate and how to maintain it simply after use. If you still don't know what to do, Qinsun will send our engineers to give you guidance on the spot. This after-sales service also makes our customer satisfaction higher than 98% all the year round.

Vertical Flammability Chamber How to clean and maintain:

When the instrument is used, it will be stained with greasy dirt, glue solution, sweat stains and other dirt. When it is stored carelessly, it will produce rust and mildew spots. These dirt will have an extremely bad influence on the service life and performance of the instrument. The purpose of cleaning is to remove the dirt on the instrument. Usually, there are two kinds of cleaning methods for instruments, one is mechanical cleaning method, that is, cleaning with shovel, scraping, brushing and other methods;

vertical flammability testing machine

The other is chemical cleaning method, that is, cleaning with various chemical decontamination solvents. The specific cleaning method depends on the condition of the dirt attached surface and the nature of the dirt. The following describes several common instruments and cleaning methods of different material parts.

Cleaning of rubber parts

There are many parts made of rubber in teaching instruments. Rubber, as a kind of polymer organic matter, will age after being stained with greasy or organic solvents, which will cause parts to deform, soften and become sticky; If the transmission belt made of rubber is stained with oil, the friction coefficient will be reduced, resulting in slippage.

To clean oil stains on rubber parts, alcohol and carbon tetrachloride can be used as cleaning agents, but organic solvents cannot be used as cleaning agents. When cleaning, wipe with cotton ball or silk cloth adhesive cleaning agent first, and then the cleaning agent will evaporate naturally. It should be noted that carbon tetrachloride is toxic and harmful to human body, so it should be cleaned under good ventilation conditions and pay attention to safety.

Cleaning of plastic parts

There are many kinds of plastics, such as polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, nylon, plexiglass and so on. Plastic parts are generally sensitive to organic solvents. When cleaning dirt, organic solvents such as gasoline, toluene and acetone should not be used as cleaning agents. Clean plastic parts with water, soapy water or detergent.

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