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Operating specifications of fabric surface wetting resistance tester

2021-02-22 11:13

Another important factor affecting the comfort of fabrics is the permeability of fabrics. Sportswear and windproof and cold-proof clothing all have hig h requirements on fabric permeability. Some industrial textiles, such as airplane parachutes and filter cloths,  have special requirements for air permeability of fabrics. Some industrial textiles, such as airplane parachutes and filter cloths, have special requirements for air permeability of fabrics.

Spray quantitative tester is used to measure the surface wettability of fabrics. When you buy Water Impact Penetration Tester, what should you do? Qinsun, as the manufacturer of Water Proof Tester of fabric, will tell you about the equipment operation specifications today.

fabric surface wetting resistance tester

Fabric water repellent spray tester operate

1 calibration device, test and measure 250 ml distilled water at 27 1℃ (80 2) funnel, and the time required for measurement is empty.

2 Fix the sample firmly in a ring with a diameter of 152.4 mm (6.0 in), and expose the surface of the fabric sample to water mist. Sample surface should be smooth and wrinkle-free.

3 Put the hula hoop on the test bench above the fabric, so that the center of the spray pattern coincides with the center of the hula hoop.

If it is spun yarn, gabardine, wick cloth or similar fabric, put the iron ring on the shelf, so that the direction of the fabric is consistent with that of the product.

5 Pour 250 ml distilled water into the funnel of the aatcc fabric spray rating tester at 27 1℃ (80 2), and allow it to spray on the samples in the 1950s and 1930s.

6 When injecting distilled water, avoid touching the funnel with a graduated cylinder. The movement of funnel will change the spray distribution on the sample.

7 hoop, bottom edge, firmly oppose a solid object with the fabric facing the object with the opposite edge, then rotate the hoop by 180, and hold it before the point again.

8 immediately after clicking, compare the water or spot pattern with the score table. Grade the surface of the sample, which corresponds to the nearest level in the rating chart.

9 When classifying loose fabrics or porous fabrics (such as Bari yarn), no consideration is given to any passage of water through the fabric openings.

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