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The market for hardness tester market

2019-08-08 11:02

Hardness tester can help you accurately determine the hardness value of various materials. Hardness tester is one of the major component for the measuring of material hardness. The most widespread methods are Vickers, Rockwell & Brinell hardness tests for different types of alloys and metals. Across the globe, brinell hardness tester are used for determining the brinell hardness of cast-iron, un-quenched steel, soft bearing alloys and nonferrous metals. This factor is expected to boost the demand for the global hardness tester market over the forecast period. 

Furthermore, hardness testers are useful tool for wide range of application such as electronics, metal and mining, defense & aerospace and automotive among other for evaluating the properties of materials. Rising adoption and growing popularity of these type of devices among different end use industry is poised for a healthy growth over the forecast period from 2018-2026.


The global hardness tester market has been segmented on the basis of product type, testing material, test method, end use industry and geography. Based on product type, the market for hardness tester has been segregated into two types which includes portable hardness testers and bench top hardness testers. In 2017, the bench top hardness tester segment hold the major market share in global hardness tester market. On the basis of testing material, the hardness tester market has been separated into different types which includes aluminum, rubber, plastic, steel, iron and metal alloys. Automation, which is one of the most important driver of the market, is anticipated to attribute expressively towards the growth of the market in coming years. 


Moreover, based on test method, the market for hardness tester market has been classified into different types which includes Rockwell hardness testers, Vickers hardness testers and Brinell hardness testers. However, in current practice in the U.S divides hardness testing into two categories such as microhardness and macrohardness. In 2017, the Rockwell hardness segment hold the major market share and is predicted to maintain its dominance throughout the forecast period. In addition, Rockwell harness testing is one of the most popular hardness test in use today, mainly because it overcomes the limitations of the Brinell test. 


Furthermore, on the basis of end use industry, the hardness tester market has been segmented into construction, metal & mining, electronics & electrical, automotive, aerospace, and energy & power among others. The growing necessity for all these different hardness tests is owing to the necessity for categorizing the great range of hardness from hard ceramics and soft rubber, which is expected to attribute significantly towards the growth of the global hardness tester market. However, price based competition among the global players is projected to hinder the market growth during the forecast period.


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