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Color Fastness Testing Of Fabric

2019-08-09 09:18
The color fastness of fabrics is the degree of color fading of dyed or printed fabrics are affected by external factors (including extrusion, friction, washing, raining, exposure, light, seawater impregnation, saliva impregnation, water stains, sweat stain) is the important indicator of textile during processing or using . the product has good color fastness, it is not easy to lose color during processing or using, otherwise there will be some states such as dorp or stains , causing a lot of troubles. 
The most common problem of textile color fastness as follow: 
1. Light fastness is not up to the standard the clothing during wearing , the color of the part of the clothing exposed to the sun begins to lighten or change color (usually  the back and shoulders ), the color is constant or light without exposure or less exposure. People don’t use products with different color depths. 
2. The color fastness of washing, soaping, dry cleaning is not up to the standard the cloths are faded after, wool,and cotton are mostly prone to such problems. 
3. The color fastness to rubbing is not up to the standard during using, there are the different degree of the color color fading, the most easily color fading parts are jackets, sleeves, elbows, collars, underarms, and pants for hips and knees. 


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