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three Test Methods to Investigate the weathering process

2019-01-31 15:49
Environmental effects can cause a change in color, cracking, corrosion and deterioration of a product’s exterior and interior. Investigating the weathering process of your product is an important part of determining its ability to withstand the natural forces that will occur in its lifetime.Accelerated weathering test methods simulate extreme weather conditions using special environmental chambers and instruments that speed up the weathering process. 
1、Xenon Arc Test-Xenon Arc weatherometers simulate the weathering process of indoor and outdoor sun exposure on materials. The test is useful in applications where paints and coatings require high quality finishes that are subject to high levels of UV degradation.
2、Carbon Arc Test-Carbon Arc testing uses a weathering system that emits ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation when an electric current is passed between its carbon rods. Carbon Arc testing measures a product’s ability to resist deterioration of electrical, mechanical and optical properties when exposed to light and heat. 
3、Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure Test-UV Exposure testing uses fluorescent UV lamp weathering devices to simulate exposure to natural sunlight. This test measures the effect of ultraviolet light on the mechanical properties of a product. 

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