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widely use of scrub Abrasion test

2019-01-25 15:44
The scratch resistance can be evaluated in terms of gloss reduction, haze, magnitude of deformation, resistance towards deformation, weight loss or color change of the substrate.Coated surfaces need to be tested for resistance to abrasion caused by a brush, sponge, or other means. 
The Wet Abrasion Tester or scrub Abrasion tester produces a repeatable, controlled condition to simulate everyday use or wear patterns.The abrasion tester can examine washability and related properties that affect the stain resistance of coatings. Detergent performance testing can also be determined in a reproducible manner.
This scrub Abrasion tester is widely used to test the resistance of many materials to scrub, abrasion and washing. Paints, varnishes, other coatings and finishing can be applied on various supporting media e.g. plastic, glass, wood, paper, leather and submitted to the accelerated test, by reciprocating brushes, sponges or abrasives on the samples with (or without) reagent depending on methods. When applicable, the machine is fitted with a dosing peristaltic pump.

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